Trolley Tours in Key West

Old Town Trolley Tours in Key West for Sightseeing

Key West Sightseeing in Trolley Tours in Key West

Key West, famous for water sports, is the southern-most point of United States. A vacation to this island will provide you with everything starting from historic sites, beaches, and nightlife. Duval Street is one of the liveliest streets which has different kinds of shops, cafes, and bars in the land. Key West is certainly the liveliest place of United States. Known for its tropical climate and live-and-let-live attitude makes it the perfect vacation spot for several people and the best way to experience Key West is through Trolley Tours in Key West.

Trolley Tours in Key West.
Trolley Tours in Key West.

The island of Key West is full of exciting things to do and see. Starting from the Southern-most point to the empty streets of Old Town, the tour will take you all the main attractions and areas. The Old Town Trolley covers the entire city. With this you will be able to avoid the hassle of driving and parking to different locations. The sightseeing tour has been designed in such a manner that you will be able to hop on and explore the places that you want.

The Old Town Trolley

The Old Town Trolley Tours in Key West have been a delight for the passengers of Key West since 1980. With the help of this trolley, you will be able to visit some of the best beaches of the city. The Old Town Trolley resembles the Old Town Trolley. This will give you a raised view while you travel around the town. The trolley has large open windows and wooden benches with makes it comfortable for you to view the different locations. The windows have vinyl panel which can be pulled during a storm to ensure protection.

The Old Town Trolley is different than the Conch Tour Train. The primary difference is that the trolley goes around the whole island of Key West and not simply the Downtown area. Another difference is that there are 13 different stops instead of just 3. This is a great alternative to renting a car, riding a bus, or taking can to the other side of the island.

Hop On and Hop Off at Your Own Will

Old Town Trolley gives you the option to get down at any location that is convenient for you. As a matter of fact, you will also be able to hop onto the trolley at any preferred location. Thus, you will be able you will be to plan your own itinerary. Also, you can explore the city at your own pace.

A majority of the people do not simply visit the city of Key West. They come here to explore the city in the Old Town Trolley. This island has been successful in charming Ernest Hemingway, Harry Truman, and also Jimmy Buffet. The ride has more than 100 points of attractions. Over 13 stops, located at convenient distance from the other stops. Thus, the guests will be able to explore the key destination, dine, and shop according to their own preference. Moreover, they will also have the option to check out various other attractions.

The trolleys will be available to you at every stop within an interval of 30 minutes. Everybody is surprised to know that the trolley tours come with 100% money back guarantee. The ride around the island is an unforgettable experience. When you by the different locations, you will be able to enjoy the sights and sounds. If you like exploring different places, you will find a public beach cocooned in a corner. The Old Town Trolley Key West tour is worth it. There will always be something new to delight your senses every time.

Tours and Activities in Key West

You will be provided with a narrator who will tell you about the past, present, and the history of different locations. Travellers have said that they have clear pronunciations and accent. The entire tour takes a total time of 30 minutes. Having a sub-tropical climate, experiences hot and humid temperature which makes the visitors get tired. If they walk, they intermediately over-heat and dehydrated.  Tourism is allowed to carry your own snacks and drinks. You will also be able to visit the many bars that are present at these places.

Another great thing about the Old Town Trolley Tours in Key West is that if you take the ticket, you will able to ride in the trolley for a couple of days. Once you are ready for the journey, you need to make sure that you have your bottle of water. This is because the price of water is slightly on the higher side in this island.

The Old Town Trolley will allow you to check out the island at a pace which suits you the best. Once you are ready, you can re-board and continue with the tour. While you on the tour, you will come across several places to shop, dine, and relax. Choose what you want to do in order to have a good time. This is the most comprehensive way to experience Key West.

Attractions of Old Town Trolley Tours in Key West

The Old Town trolley Tours in Key West will take you to the first tourist attractions. This is called the Key West Aquarium. This is the first open air aquarium of the world. When you cross the street, you will the Shipwreck Treasure Museum of Key West. This museum will tell you how Key West became one of the richest cities in the world. The Oldest House Museum is also close by. This is a beautifully restored home which is open for public viewing.

Moreover, you will get an opportunity to check out the Ernest Hemingway House Museum. It has been said that this is where he wrote Arms and the Man. Marvel at the amazing butterflies that are found in the Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory. Do not leave Key West until you have experienced the sunset from the famous Mallory Square. This will surely turn out to be a memorable time for you.