What is The Best Time To Go to Haulover Beach?

best time to go to haulover beach

Best time to go to Haulover beach…


What Is The Best Time To Go to Haulover Beach? Located north of Miami Beach. This beach is located in an area called Haulover Park, is on 108th Street and Collins and is one of the few nudist beaches in that city and they say it is one of the 10 best beaches Nudists from around the world. This beach sector is at the north end of it, it has white sands and crystal clear waters, some dunes, picnic areas, a tennis center, a golf course, and even a dog park. It is characterized by the tranquility you live during a beach day.

It is also allowed to bring your food and water to hydrate. There are also some pedestrian tunnels that take you to Biscayne Bay, which people take advantage of for a walk.

For residents of Miami, the park has all those attractions and other invaluable ones in a city with such congested traffic: it has several parking lots that only fill up on weekends. You can rent Picnic pavilions for $ 157 and, larger, for $ 224, for parties or meetings.

Park Commodities

It also has food stalls, bathrooms in better conditions than those in South Beach, and in general, it is a much quieter place, with the exception of Sundays, from 11 a.m. at 3 a.m., when it becomes very popular.

A park for dogs, Bark Park is next to parking lot 3, and dogs also have their beach strip, in the area between lifeguard tower number 2 and 3. They can bathe from 8 a.m. at 3 p.m.

Haulover Park is a privileged area by the wind, so it is ideal for both kite flying and surfing. And the ramps to launch the boats are open 24 hours. So still the question persist on what is the best time to go to Haulover beach park?

What to do at Haulover beach?

It is included in the top 10 of the best in Florida, really for its atmosphere and well maintained. For some travelers visiting Haulover beach is a way to discover something different.

The issue of nudism is optional, so you can ignore it and wear whatever you want, what you cannot do is avoid the visual of the place. Also, the nudist area is north of the beach.

There are certain rules of the park such as not taking photos of other people without authorization and do not worry that you will not see anyone with acts that come out of respect. If you visit this beach, will have a unique goal to have a good time! so those who know her enter the same wave in order to spend a different day.

Many tourists come to spend a day with less concurrence than beach beaches. The hotels closest to it may be those located in North beach, so if you are interested in being near this beach you should only look for accommodation in this area. Continue reading “What is The Best Time To Go to Haulover Beach?”