Languages that Tours are made in Miami, Florida?


In which languages ​​are the Tours made in Miami?


Miami is a city located in the southeast corner of Florida, United States. Its metropolitan area encompasses more than 5.4 million inhabitants, which makes it the seventh-largest in the United States.

The port of Miami is considered the port that hosts the largest volume of cruise ships in the world. It is also home to several cruise line companies. In addition, the city has the highest concentration of international banks in the entire United States of America.

Miami, is a city where most of its inhabitants are Latin, we can find several neighborhoods where they are located -Little Habana (Little Havana, Residences of Cubans in Miami) -Little Haiti (Residences of Haitians in Miami) -Little Doral (Doralzuela, Residences of Venezuelans in Miami) -Kendall (Little Colombia, Residences of Colombians in Miami) -Allapattah (Little Santo Domingo, Residences of Dominicans in Miami).

Why travel to Miami?


Traveling to Miami offers the tourist a multicultural experience, it is a city full of different flavors, people from all over the world, beautiful beaches, styles of music of any kind … It is a place full of life and movement capable of captivating any visitor.

Where are the tourists visiting the beautiful city of Miami?

The countries that provide more tourists are: -Brazil (which speak Portuguese) -Colombia (which speak Spanish) -Argentina (Its language is Spanish) -Canada (which speak English and French) -United Kingdom (Los which speak British English) -Europe (which have several languages, including German, English, French).

What are the types of tours in Miami?

Miami tourist bus: It is a type of tour by land, where the best places and attractions of the city are visited. With more than twenty stops for key points of interest. You can freely hop on and off at any of the more than twenty Miami tours stops, with a selection of two routes, the red and the blue ones, that cover the city and Miami Beach. The tickets are valid for twenty-four hours and have informative and participatory comments in six languages, which are: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese. which make it the best way to see and know the city during your visit.

Boat trip through the house of celebrities: the boat ride lasts 90 minutes. During this time we travel through the Port of Miami (the largest cruise port in the world), Miami Beach and the Bay of Biscay, focusing on its most famous islands: Star Island, Palm Island and Hibiscus Island. Among the most important places, we can see are the houses of various celebrities, including Al Capone, Julio Iglesias, Gloria Estefan, Shaquille O’Neal or Paulina Rubio … The Tour is always done in Spanish, but sometimes it can be done in 2 languages.

Flight over the famous Miami Beach:


Relax aboard a plane while enjoying the views. All seats face large windows and all passengers have headphones to communicate with each other on the plane. Listen to the explanations that your pilot will give you, which will act as a guide, of the most important places you see, the audiology is in Spanish, English, and Portuguese…. Marvel at the views of North Miami Beach and South Beach from the air. See Fisher Island, the harbor and downtown Miami from a bird’s eye view while traveling back. Fly over Star Island and the homes of Indian Creek millionaires. Check out Oleta State Park and the Florida International University (FIU) campus.

Everglades National Park:


On this 3 to 5-hour tour, you will visit the beautiful Everglades National Park and discover the diversity of wildlife in the area. Enjoy a hydro slide ride guided by experts from the area. Find fascinating wild species as you glide through the waters of the Everglades National Park. An exclusive paradise for animal species. The tour is conducted entirely in the English language.

Jet ski adventure in Miami:

When you get to the meeting point, you will receive a safety English talk about how to ride a jet ski. There will be a monitor on the jet ski that will follow you at all times. To help you and show you the best places to see dolphins. The jet ski will be very fast and you can live an exciting experience on board. You will be assigned an extensive area to navigate and practice your skills. As the tour takes place in a bay, the waters will be claimed.

Parasailing in the Bay of Biscay:

Arrive at the exit point where you will be introduced to the captain and partner. You will leave the dock on the Parasailing boat and the host will comment on the safety instructions. Also, help you put on the equipment (The instructor speaks in English). After a journey of 5 or 10 minutes through the bay. The captain will open the parachute and call the first flyers. Take off from the boat and enjoy the views of Miami. Before landing on the ship again, enjoy a swim in the water to cool off from the Miami sun. The other flyers can enjoy your experience before returning to the starting point.

Taste helicopter tour of Miami:

The Taste of Miami helicopter tour allows you to contemplate all the views of upper Miami. Departing from Opa / Locka airport, just northeast of Miami, this visit will rise above the Sun Life Stadium, home of the Miami Dolphins. While flying over Miami, you will see the views of Aventura and Gulfstream Park. The first horse race track in South Florida. Before the visit is over, you will fly over some of the most beautiful beaches in Miami, such as Hallandale Beach. Golden Beach, Sunny Isles, and Haulover Beach. While heading towards Opa / Locka airport, you can see Oleta River State Park and Bal Habour. This tour can be offered in 10 languages ​​which are: German, English, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish and Chinese (traditional).


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