Everglades Tours in Miami

Everglades Tours in Miami

Experience the Bliss of Everglades Tours In Miami

With Everglades tours in Miami, make this trip all the more memorable. Everglades is stretch of tropical wetlands, situated in the southern portion of Florida. If you are staying at Everglades for a vacation, you will actually never run out of things to do. You can indulge in adventures, water sports, sight-seeing wildlife or even sign up for a ranger program. You can even witness a patch of wildlife on your scenic drives.

Here is a list of couple of things to do while you are vacationing!

Royal Palm

Take a drive along the Main Park Road which passes through prairies, rare pine lands. Besides this is indeed a wonderful opportunity to spot wildlife. You can also hit the Royal Palm State Park. Additionally, you can take part in a number of activities like biking, bird watching, camping, hiking, ranger programs, boat tours, horseback riding.

Additionally, you can also plan a visit to Mahogany Hammock. It actually stretches around a thick hardwood. Find yourself watching the various species of birds and wildlife that is in abundance over there. Enjoy the walk!

Explore Cape Sable

Cape Sable is a broad, desolated beachscape situated at the bottom of peninsular Florida. Also, take a boat to explore the beaches of Cape Sable and of course the gulls, wading bird, shorebirds will promise you a fantastic time.

Shark Valley

It is actually an entrance to Everglades National Park. This is a must visit in your list of Everglades tours in Miami. Moreover, the road leads to a 65ft Observation Tower which will offer you a panoramic view of Everglades. Moreover, if you are a wildlife lover it will offer you quite a view of alligators, turtles, wading birds and snail kites.

Wilderness Waterway

True to its name, it will give you the ultimate wanderlust! You can moreover, take a kayak or a canoe and explore the mangrove lined creeks, rivers, lagoons. In fact, it is the perfect scene for your colorful photos. Moreover, it is a great spot to try out fishing.

Biscayne Bay

Don’t miss out on Biscayne Bay while you are planning for Everglades tours in Miami. It is a vast expanse and with a wide blue sky above you will be experiencing the unworldly over here. It is perhaps the best natural space to spot the aquatic life. From sea turtles to shellfishes here is the ultimate marine life waiting for you to explore. Moreover, the sea grasses below are another attraction of this place.


Plan a visit to Ding Darling which is situated at the Northern end of Sanibel Island. You will find some exotic species over there like roseate spoonbills, and red-shouldered hawks, yellow-crowned night herons. Also, there is Matthews Shell Museum, exhibiting one of the finest shell collections of the world. It is indeed a must visit in Everglades. Enrich yourself as you plunge into its treasure trove.

Triad Seawood Market and Cafe

Triad is here to take care of the glutton in you. You will find perhaps the best seafood over here. Moreover, they come at very reasonable prices. It is situated on the water, playing host to a little bar. Additionally, you can sit on the deck to take in an amazing view of the place. You can actually count on the find, it is delicious and fresh.

Camellia Street Grill

it is another great option awaiting your visit. Apart from the delicious menu it will offer you with the best view of the mangroves. Moreover, you can have a wonderful sunset sitting over here, sipping on your drink.