South Beach Miami Trip Planner

South Beach Miami Trip Planner
South Beach Miami Trip Planner

South Beach Miami Trip Planner: Tips to Enjoy Your Beach Vacation with Your Kid

You should not consider your South Beach Miami trip planner vacation simply as a time to swim. The sun-drenched sand stretch is actually a large playground for your children. They will be able to learn about the nature and also play various games. Moreover, they will be able to participate in craft project that will enable them to bring home mementos of the fun-filled days. The beaches in Miami are nice and simple. Hence, put on the bathing suit, apply plenty sunscreen, and get ready to have fun all day.

South Beach Miami Trip Planner
South Beach Miami Trip Planner

Click Photos of the Beach Treasures

You can give your child a disposable camera when you go for the South Beach Miami trip planner. Thus, he/she will be able to click pictures of whatever they want. This will help the kids to develop patience as they will have to wait for the right photograph. However, make sure that you explain to them that the sand should not get inside the camera. Tell them that it should be kept inside the bag when it is not in use. Thereafter, develop the pictures and keep the photos in a special album. This is an excellent way to preserve the happy moments at the beach.

Make a Sun Shade

This is great way to teach your kid about the sun’s trajectory. You will need pointed sticks from the home ground, markers, large rubber bands, and a sheet. Before you go out, you have to allow the kids to decorate the sheet with colored designs. Now, when you are at the beach, you have to measure the area. This should be few inches shorter the sheet. After this, you have to drive the stick into the sand where you can mark off the corners. Tie a knot at the corner of the sheet around each and every pole. When you are done, you have to tie the knots with the help of rubber bands.

When the sun shade is in place, your kid will be able to learn about the shadows all throughout the day.

Experience the Tidal Pool

When the water recedes after high tide and there is a pool at the ocean’s edge, you will be able to enjoy this. In fact, this is the best time for educational observation. You should look for small sea life like snails and star fish. Think of the tidal pools as the mini-communities which are filled with living creatures. You can ask your child what they see and the roles of the organisms. This way they will be able to gain significant knowledge.

Create a Shell Necklace

You will require small sea shells and colorful dental floss if you want to make shell necklace. In fact, you have to look for shells which have a hole in them. Give your kid a chance to string the shells onto the floss length. If you tie a knot at the end of the whole, you will be able to secure its place. When you are done inserting the shells, you need to tie both ends. If you want you can also ask your kids to paint the shells before stringing them. This way your kids will be able to learn and enjoy, at the same time.

Have a Scavenger Hunt

You have a give your kids a bucket and a camera along with a list of things. You have to include the items which they have to place in the bucket such as the stones and sea glass. However, for a twist you can add some elements which the kids cannot carry along with them. The scavengers have to use the camera to take photos of these items if they have to complete the list. The first one to collect the items and return on spot will be the winner.

These are some excellent ways to enjoy your South Beach Miami trip planner with your kid.