Snorkeling in Key West

Snorkeling in Key West
Snorkeling in Key West

Discover Aquatic Life with Snorkeling In Key West

Planning for your vacation in Key West? Try snorkeling in Key West in west deep water to Coral reefs to Gulf side shipwrecks. Peek into the incredible world of corals, reef fish as you venture out for snorkeling in Key West. Key West is situated at the southernmost tip of U.S offering snorkeling for almost every age. Snorkeling is the most sought after option apart from other activities like fishing, camping, biking, boat rides etc. The tourists are provided with every gear and proper equipment ensuring their safety.

Furthermore, you can choose the afternoon trip if you are not a morning person. Plunge into North America’s only living coral reef. Whether snorkeling in the Gulf of Mexico or the Atlantic Ocean, Key West is here to spoil you with an array of choices. You can additionally opt for dolphin watching, sandbar trips, island hopping, fishing, bird watching, camping, spearfishing, and sunset cruise among others.

Dry Tortugas Snorkeling

This is very popular among tourists and snorkelers. During this snorkeling trip, you will visit remote islands surrounded almost completely by coral reef. It is approximately 70 miles from Key West and the Florida Keys. The shallow waters additionally make snorkeling fun for every age. Whether a beginner or expert, you should be ready to enjoy the abundance of colorful tropical fish and coral. Additionally, the tourists will be provided with beverages like beer, rum, wine sodas at the end of the trip. Snorkel in the sunset to have a glimpse of beautiful Key West sunset.

Moreover, to add some extra fun, the Dry Tortugas is home to the most vibrant coral reefs available in the United States.

Sand key lighthouse

At seven miles south, this perhaps the most frequented spot for snorkeling. Apart from being a favorite destination for snorkeling it hosts the lighthouse. The lighthouse offers a beautiful panoramic view of the entire Key West.

Rock Key

A few miles east of Sand Key, you will find Rock Key. It offers a picturesque view of marine life to the snorkelers.

Eastern dry rocks

Key West barrier reef is of the finger canyons” type. It is situated further along the east of Rock Key. This is furthermore, a great place to explore and navigate and make the most of your snorkeling experience. Moreover, on the Eastern Dry Rock southernmost part lays an old galleon. This makes the place a must visit for the snorkelers. The snorkelers are to find stone ballasts with brass fittings at this site.

Furthermore, the eastern dry rocks are full of sandy and coral. The best time of the year to go for snorkeling will be from January to May.

Cottrell key

If you come west of Key West, you will discover Corttell key. It is a patch coral reef and sponge garden. The water over here is relatively shallow and will provide you with the best snorkeling experience ever. Prepare yourself furthermore, to have a view of sea urchins and beautiful conch shells scattered on the ocean floor.

Apart from these, make sure to go stress free with the snorkeling experience in Key West. Additionally you will find family friendly snorkeling charters to keep you away from the crowds. Live the beautiful marine life that you can find in Key West. The guests are also allowed to kayak through the dense mangroves and the islets. You can thus also have the astounding view of different wildlife species in its most natural form. The back country safari is another popular activity frequent around here in Key West.