Orlando Tours

Orlando Tours: Excitement, Enjoyment and Entertainment

Florida is home to several remarkable places for vacationing including Miami. While Miami and Key West has their appeal, vacationers looking for something entertaining should opt for Orlando tours. Being located in one of the biggest tourist regions of USA, Orlando naturally draws a massive crowd.


There are several places to visit and experiences to indulge in at Orlando. However, it is most famous for its assortment of theme parks and amusement parks, led by Walt Disney World. In fact, Orlando is home to seven of the top 10 North American theme parks with the highest number of visitors. However, there is a lot more to the city. Here are some of the top attractions and experiences to enjoy through Orlando tours.


Walt Disney World

This is not just an amusement park. It is a massive space that contains four different theme parks along with several other spots including hotels, golf courses, water parks and two shopping districts. In fact, it even has its own transport system and police force. In other words, it lives up to the ‘world’ in its name.


Of the four theme parks, the most popular is the Magic Kingdom. This is where the Disney of the childhood can be found, with evergreen attractions such as Space Mountain and Disney characters like Mickey Mouse. Epcot is another popular theme park, offering a mesmerizing sensory experience with thrill rides and even a showcase of various countries. The other parks are Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom, each with their own range of attractions and thrills.

Orlando Tours
Orlando Tours


There is an extraordinary experience to be had at the Walt Disney world. An eclectic mixture of lights, sounds, music, color and thrills define the experience. Here, age is just a number. You are bound to have a great time no matter how old or how young you are.


Universal Resort

The other popular theme resort in Orlando, Universal Resort is just as thrilling as the Walt Disney World. It has an exciting collection of rides and attractions. Here, visitors can be regaled by sets and rides based on some of their favorite movies including Harry Potter.


One of the best areas in this resort is the Islands of Adventure. There are five islands, each of which has its own particular theme and set of rides and attractions. Overall, it is quite enjoyable for all people. It is easy to get shuttle or transportation services for Orlando tours from Miami if you are planning to head to Universal Resort.



For those in love with nature, SeaWorld will be their theme park of choice. It is also one of the biggest theme parks in the city. Here, you can get up close with various kinds of marine life. There are shows featuring marine animals, one of the biggest attractions of the park. Sea lions, dolphins and even killer whales feature in these shows. For something more exciting, you can head over to one of the popular roller coasters.


Discovery Cove

Another exciting park with a marine life theme, Discovery Cove is well worth the visit. Here, you can explore underwater life within the comfortable confines of a resort. You can indulge in snorkeling as you explore a magnificent reef. You can swim with stingrays or dolphins. If you do not want to enter the water, you can simply relax in one of the several lounge chairs and enjoy the tropical setting of the resort.



The latest addition to the range of theme parks in Orlando, LEGOLAND is all about the building bricks that you used to play with as a child. There are several attractions here as well as all featuring the use of Lego bricks. There also many Lego sculptures dotting the park. You can also find a wide range of rides here such as roller coasters.


Other Things to Do in Orlando

Orlando is not just about theme parks. There are several more things to do here. The city offers some pretty good shopping opportunities and you can find several famous stores here including Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdale’s. Stunning boutiques are available in plenty here as well.


Sports are another major attraction here. For adrenaline lovers, there is certainly a hearty selection of rides at the various theme parks. However, that is not all. You can also find a wide selection of golf courses for teeing up. There are swamps nearby. You can tour them easily with the help of an airboat. Fishing and boating are some other activities here that you can try.


Visiting Orlando

It is quite easy to visit Orlando and here are some options available to you for Orlando tours.


Orlando Tour from Miami + 1 Park: This is a popular tour package. Here, you will be getting a round trip from Miami in a comfortable bus. You will also be given a choice of a ticket to either Walt Disney World or Universal Resort. This package is a great option for those who do not have the budget or the time to spend in Orlando.


Orlando Round Trip Shuttle from Miami: If you want to do more than just visit a single theme park, you can opt for this package. This package offers transportation to and from Miami. If you cannot afford more than a day in Orlando, this package will be a good choice.


Orlando 1 Way Shuttle from Miami: Those, who want to experience all that Orlando has to offer, will certainly have to spend more than a single day here. This is the right option for them. A comfortable bus will bring them to Orlando from Miami, allowing them to enjoy Orlando and its theme parks to their fill.


Orlando is a fascinating place and worth the visit. Orlando tours will certainly be an exciting trip with all the theme parks here. Even if you are not interested in them, there are still several other things you can do here. The easy access from Miami makes Orlando a good addition to your Florida travel itinerary.