Orlando Tour from Miami + 1 Park is the right package

Orlando Tour from Miami + 1 Park: The Perfect Package

Of all the tourist spots in Florida, Orlando easily has the most of them. After all, it is home to quite a few massively popular theme parks including the famed Walt Disney World and Universal Resort. However, the city has much more to offer than just the amusement parks. With easy connectivity to Miami, Orlando should certainly be included in your travel itinerary to Florida.

Orlando Tour from Miami
Orlando Tour from Miami

Travelling to Orlando from Miami

The best option would be to get the Orlando Tour from Miami + 1 Park package. This package includes a round trip to Orlando from Miami. Additionally, you will get a ticket to either one of the two theme parks in the list. The choices are Universal Resort and Walt Disney World. It is certainly a good deal.


In this package, a bus will pick you up from your hotel in Miami. The bus departs from Miami well in the morning, so you should prepare accordingly. The distance between the two cities is 234 miles but you will not feel it. The ride is kept interesting thanks to the awesome sights to see on the road. During the trip, there are scheduled stops for breakfast. It takes 3 to 4 hours to reach Orlando.

Orlando Tour from Miami

You will be taken directly to the theme park of your choice in Orlando, minimizing the hassle you need to go through to reach them. In the park, you can have your fill of activities and fun before heading back. The bus will be picking you up from the theme park. It will leave in the evening and head back to Miami. Overall, the total time required for the Orlando Tour from Miami + 1 Park is 17 hours.


The Orlando Tour from Miami + 1 Park is certainly worth a try if you are unable to spend more than a day in Orlando. For tight schedules and low budgets, this is an excellent option. Here are the two parks that you have the option of visiting.


Universal Resort

The Universal Resort is a wholesome collection of exciting rides, entertaining shows and interesting attractions. While it is not as big as the Walt Disney World, it is still sizeable. It is easy to find your way around the various things to see and experience here. Like the Walt Disney World, Universal Resort also makes extensive use of the entertainment properties it has access to such as King Kong and Harry Potter.


This theme park has quite a few resort hotels and an entire section dedicated to dining and entertainment. As such, it has everything you need to have a good time. As for the rest of the park divided into two sections currently. They are the Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios, each with its own kind of attractions.


The Islands of Adventure Tours

The Islands of Adventure is an interesting collection of islands, each catering to a specific theme. There are currently 8 of these islands. Guests can move from the port to any island of their choice. Each of these islands has its own sets of rides and attractions based on the island’s theme. One of these islands is exclusively dedicated to the Harry Potter franchise while another one has its theme based on King Kong. There is even an island with a superhero theme.


As for Universal Studios, it has the entertainment industry as its theme. It features a wide range of attractions and rides based on the many popular movies that Universal Studios has created over the years. Some of the movies on which rides and attractions can be found include the Terminator franchise and the Men in Black franchise among others.


Walt Disney World

Most people have grown up watching Disney cartoons or at least heard them. At Walt Disney World, they get to experience those characters in real life. While this park is a favorite among children, adults will love it too. Since Disney owns several movie franchises, those themes also seen here. The result is an eclectic mix of experiences which is highly enjoyable for people of all ages.


One of the first things you will notice about this theme park is how massive it actually is. In fact, it lives up to its billing as a world. There are actually four distinct theme parks here, each with its own kind of attractions. Interspersed between them are hotels, restaurants and various other spots for the tourists to enjoy.

Magic Kingdom Park Tours

Of the four sections, the Magic Kingdom is easily the most recognizable. The Disney cartoons and movies are the theme here. You can visit the famous Cinderella’s Castle among other landmarks made famous in Disney creations. Here, you can also come face to face with the many characters from their shows and movies such as Peter Pan, Tinkerbell and the Disney princesses like Jasmine and Cinderella. Famous rides such as the Space Mountain can also ride here.


Another immensely popular section is Epcot. Apart from thrill rides as well as the Epcot has several other attractions that are more sensory in nature. The World Showcase here features 11 nations whose essential characteristics have been recreated to help tourists learn and explore more of the world. Each area dedicated to a nation will feature food, entertainment, shopping and other aspects that are exclusive to that particular nation.

Hollywood Studios Tours

The third section, Hollywood Studios recreates the golden days of Hollywood. It even features a replica of the iconic Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. Contemporary movies also find a place here. Several attractions are based on modern movies, making it an exciting place for any movie lover. A few of the movies which have their own attractions here include the Star Wars franchise and the Indiana Jones franchise.

The final section is the Animal Kingdom. This is not just a theme park or a zoo, but a mixture of both. Storytelling features an irreplaceable part of this park. Disney characters and other fictional characters often act as guides taking the tourists around the park.

The Orlando Tour from Miami + 1 Park package is the easy way to enjoy these parks. If you are planning a visit to Miami, take some time out to get this package to Orlando.