By | July 29, 2019
Orlando Florida Disney Tickets

Tips to Save Money on Orlando Florida Disney World Tickets

For most people the most expensive part of the Disney World tour is the Orlando Florida Disney Tickets. Even single day ticket costs a lot. However, this is an excellent value for quality entertainment. Thus, there are some tricks and tips that will help you to save some money on the tickets.

Orlando Florida Disney Tickets

Orlando Florida Disney Tickets

Get Tickets from Certified Partners or Disney

You should make it a point to get the ticket from Disney or certified partners. Keep in mind that you might be tempted by the deals and promises from some third parties. However, these deals are too good to be true. In case you come across something which looks like a Disney scam, you should immediately report it. Be careful as to where you get the tickets from. You might not be allowed to enter the park because you got the tickets off property and you forgot to read the fine print.

Check Out Disney Discount

You should also look for offers and discounts that Disney provides from time to time. For instance, it gives discounts to the military families during the off season. If you plan for one trip in a single year, you should get an unusual pass. With the help of this, you will be able to get parking and discounts on merchandize. You can ask the reservation desk for lodging and packages. Check out some off-site properties which offer a lower price.

Go for the Park Hopper Option

You will be able to visit two theme parks at a very less price. This is lot better than buying two one-day passes. Animal kingdom is one of the favorite attractions. However, most of the rides and attractions close by dusk. From there you can proceed to Epcot. Here, you will be able to enjoy few rides along with diner. Thereafter, you can watch the firework show at 9pm.

Pack Your Food and Drink

Food and drink is pretty costly in Disney world. Thus, if you have to save some money on the Orlando Florida Disney Tickets, you should carry your own food and drink. However, you need to keep in mind that alcohol is not allowed in this park. Other than this, you can bring as much food and drink as you want. In case you are visiting in summer, getting some ice and bottled water is a great idea. Moreover, if you get your own food, you will be able to avoid the food lines.

Get Your Own Stroller

If you have to make a profit on the Orlando Florida Disney tickets, you should get your own stroller. Disney will provide you with wheelchairs and strollers. However, renting them will cost a lot. You will come across several strollers parking at every attraction around the park. This is convenient enough to carry your kid, as well as your souvenirs and snacks.

Avoid Parking Fees

If you park at the Disney World, it will cost your $20 per day. This can really add up the total cost. However, keep in mind that if you stay at the Disney Resort, your parking will be free. Many hotels, both off and on property offer free shuttle service to the parks. Thus, make proper inquiry before you book the stay.

You should know there are several ways to enjoy the Walt Disney World without a ticket. This proves to be useful if you have an extra day at the starting or end of your trip. You can take the ferry or monorail ride for free. The Disney resorts and restaurants are open to all visitors.