Orlando Disneyland Tours

Orlando Disneyland Tours Are All Fun and Frolic

Orlando Disneyland tours are fun and interesting enough to make your vacation worth remembering. Contrary to popular belief, Disneyland is actually not just for kids. Visit Disneyland for a different experience. The place is beautiful with its list of resort hotels, animal parks, and a range of eateries.

The Magic Kingdom Park, for example, offers a range of activities to indulge in. At the Atlantic Dance Park, a large screen plays music videos and it is sure to jazz up your night. Chakranadi is situated in the Anandapur village at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park. The tunes are melodious and exotic as well as tranquil. Chakranadi with its seasonal tunes and festivals is for all ages and interests. Enjoy the tunes of sitar and tablas during Orlando Disneyland tours.

Besides these, there are many pubs, restaurants, theme parks awaiting you in Disneyland. Take a look at some of the fun things that you can be a part of.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Orlando Disneyland tours include a magical sphere known as Disney’s Hollywood Studios. This includes characters and entertainment, several thrilling rides, fine restaurants and pubs. While you are over here you will get to see how movies are made. Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular is here to take you into the world of film-making. See the tutorials of stunts, double roles, stunt actors and go back to the action packed world of Indiana Jones. Additionally, you can meet Darth Vader, Olaf and even the Beauty and the Beast live on stage.

The Sunset Boulevard hosts Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. You can also visit Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith. The latter is a famous steel roller coaster ride. It features Aerosmith members like Tom Hamilton, Brad Whitford among others. Moreover, while you are at Hollywood Studio, pay a visit to Muppets Courtyard and Animation Courtyard.

Electrical Water Pageant

 This show almost takes place on every evening. The place was first opened in 1971. Ever since, it has been a must visit for many tourists. Over here, you will actually see animal figures bordered by lights as they float on barges. Overall, as the show is followed by music, it creates a magical and soothing effect. Make sure to check the schedule and the programs before you visit. The show is moreover, free of any charges.

Shops and Bazaar

In Orlando Disneyland tours, there are a number of shops and marketplace to choose from. For example, the Agrabah Bazaar has beautiful clothes, eateries. You can get goods in your favorite fictional characters, trinkets to take home, colorful toys, as well as art collections. Chapel Hats specializes in sun hats, floppy hats, outdoor hats and other well-designed head gears.

Island Carnivale

Experience a glamorous show of dancers, stilt walkers and musicians with your Orlando Disneyland tours. You will come across this colorful array of fun at fantasy at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Be a part of typical and unique rhythms as the dancers dance to the beats.  Clap, dance, laugh and listen to the musicians play Paraguayan harp while you are in Orlando.

In between hopping from one place to another, taste the finest dishes of Orlando Disneyland Tours. Choose from a range of dining options, beverages and delicious lunch. The menu includes Julienne Steak, Hibachi Chicken and Hibachi Salmon. You can also have a bite of the African cuisine apart from pizza, grilled chicken and many other scented species. You are sure to enjoy an exceptional holiday on the whole.

There are several things to see and enjoy in Disneyland. Therefore, make sure that you have enough time on hand if you visit. Once you enter this amazing amusement park, you may actually end up losing track of time. Moreover, there is actually something for everyone here. Are you a nature lover? There is a park for you. Are you interested in science? There is a place for you. Do you have children? There are several places for children, in fact.