Orlando Disney Trip

Orlando Disney Trip
Orlando Disney Trip

Things You have to Consider Before Orlando Disney Trip

If you are visiting Florida, you should not miss out on the Orlando Disney trip. People visit to experience this. This is an adventure filled island. You will have a time of your life once you visit this place. There are certain warning and dangers in city which you need to be aware of when you travel to Orlando.

Orlando Disney Trip
Orlando Disney Trip

Areas You Need to Avoid

In case you are planning for a trip here, opting for the cheap ones is not always a safe option when it is about the hotel rooms. Moreover, this might not even help with your exploration of the city. In case something appears like a good deal, it might be a seedy area of the town. Local people and traveler advice you stay away from the Dickerson Pike due to the rampant drug activity. As a matter of fact, there has been a recent movement to clean up the area. You can pay more and stay in a room in Midtown, Downtown, or Vanderbit University section of Orlando. Keep away from the west of Interstate 4 for the previous mentioned areas.


Orlando is actually an island which is 42 miles away from the Atlantic Ocean. Thus, it is 2 hours north of Everglades. Central Florida is filled with little lakes. Hence, it is the ideal habitat for alligators. There are several of them that come out to enjoy the sun. There are many horror stories of the children being snatched into the lakes. Even though the hotel security guard the lake, you need to stay clear of alligators. The alligators try to hunt the population back. This can prove to be real danger. You should not let dogs or young children play by any water body.

Destination Safety Measures

When you take Orlando Disney trip, you will see that the local authorities and also the tourism community collaborate to maintain a safe and secure environment. These measures are continuously improvised. There is regular meeting which bring together the law enforcement agencies, private business securities, and tourism partners as security directors for an intelligence briefing.

Reasons to Visit Orlando

There is nothing quite like seeing magic through a child’s eye. In fact, even a grown up can be a kid again when they are in Orlando. It has uniquely themed parks. This city has something for the kind in everyone.

Every year, Orlando introduces some highly anticipated attractions. There are theme parks that combine relaxation and thrill. In case you are not into theme parks but shopping enthusiasts, do not worry. You will get access all the latest brands in Orlando. Hence, you can shop till you drop.

Orlando has become a premium wedding destination in recent times. You can have simple or a grand wedding. It will offer you unforgettable wedding setting. Thus, it will surely make your day extremely special.

Tips to Save Money in Orlando

In case you have a tight budget for your Orlando Disney trip, you need to follow some tips to save some money.

You can save on the restaurants by buying the food certificates. You can do some research before you visit any restaurant and make sure that you sign up before time on the email list. Thereafter, they will provide you discount coupons. You might even eat for free at one of the top restaurants with the help of the coupons.

Moreover, you will be able to save money on the attractions, too. You have to pay once for the rides that you want to take. Do not forget to consider the time period before you take this pass. Make sure that you carry you own water bottles and snacks. This way you will not have to buy them at a high price.