By | July 27, 2019
Orlando Disney Best Rides

List of Orlando Disney Best Rides and Shows

In case you are planning a trip to Walt Disney World, you need to know the Orlando Disney best rides and shows. There are different types of ride and you will be able to avail the one that you like the most. Here is a list of the main attractions and shows in Disney World.

Orlando Disney Best Rides

Orlando Disney Best Rides

Turtle Talk with Crush

Some people might find it odd enough to select Finding Nemo theme show without going for Peter Pan flight or Jungle Cruise. However, in Turtle Talk with Crush, you will notice that the surfer boy interacts with the audience through the real-time animation. If you have young kids, they can converse nonchalantly with the witty reptile. You should know this is the most under-rated attraction of Disney World. In the year 2016, the authorities update the characters from the sequel movie.

You can also take a ride on the Seas with Nemo and Friends. Here, you will be able to see animated creatures swim along with the real marine life in the saltwater tank. Do not forget to check out the show Finding Nemo.

Splash Mountain

There is an amazing and classic flume ride. The theme of this ride is the characters from the Song of the South. It is an animatronic filled dark ride. Once you are on the ride, you will start humming, ‘zip-a-dee-doo-dah’. It is pretty thrilling when the ride drops you from the top.

Expedition Everest

This is a roller coaster ride that is filled with excitement. However, this is not just a roller coaster. You will also be able to notice lavish and breathtaking attractions during your ride. This is an E-ticket must ride in Disney World. As a matter of fact, this is considered to be one of the top roller coaster rides you will come across in Florida.

Mission Space

In Mission Space ride, there is a minimum height requirement. The liftoff flight of this ride is pretty realistic. The capsule that this ride uses is confining enough. It is a groundbreaking attraction which simulates space travel simply by incorporating an exclusive ride system. The ride has a highly detailed vehicle. However, if you are wimpy, you can opt for the non-spinning and the mild version of this ride.


Fantasmic is a nightly ride. This shows amazing engineering achievements. Here, in one of the Orlando Disney best rides, you will notice a combination of classic Disney animation, animatronics, and pyrotechnics. Moreover, you will also come across live actors and wizards who will tell stories. Sorcerer Mickey is at the helm. This oozes out Disneyness. However, you need to make sure that you reach the stadium at least an hour before the show. this way you will be able to get better seats.

Soarin’ Around the World

This is again one of the Orlando Disney best rides, In this you will be able to experience gentle motion stimulation, moderate height, and also soaring stimulation. As a matter of fact, this is also a E-ticket ride that use the prime flying theater technology. In the year 2016, this traded in a tour of California for international places like China, Australia, and South America.

However, before you plan on visiting Walt Disney, you need to make a list of the rides that you will be availing. This will help you to enjoy your trip to a great extent.