By | July 20, 2019
Orlando City Trip

Places You Must Visit In Your Orlando City Trip

Orlando city trip is undoubtedly one of the best places for a tourist visit. Being one of the most visited tourist spots, it is considered to be the best choice for a family escape. There are a lot of places that make the Orlando city trip worthwhile. Also, some of the best attractions of this place, such as the Universal Orlando, Walt Disney World, and SeaWorld Orlando are within very easy reach too. Because of the presence of these huge and world reckoned amusement parks, investors have put in their money to build thousands of hotels in these areas as well.

Orlando City Trip

Orlando City Trip


The climate of Orlando is also perfect for a vacation. It has a subtropical climate, that becomes hot and rainy from May to October. From November to April, the climate turns cooler and also brings less frequent rainfall. However, Orlando is very much prone to hurricanes because of its location, so check thoroughly before heading out for the city. Here are some of the best places that are worth a visit during your Orlando city trip. Go through the points to be entirely prepared, so that you don’t miss out on anything.


Walt Disney World

The Walt Disney World is undoubtedly one of the best places for a family vacation. It has been the favorite recreational spot for all the families over the world for ages, and continue to be so. There are highlights such as Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, MGM Studios and Epcot Theme Park that make this place entertaining for parents and children alike.


The Walt Disney Park is itself so big that it would take families days to see each and everything with proper amusement. Moreover, Disney is now also a lot more adult people friendly, with their ever popping range of restaurants, shopping malls, music venues and theaters. Make sure to visit Walt Disney World at least once in your Orlando City Trip to get the best experience.


Sea World

The sea world in Orlando has huge aquariums, touch pools, whale and dolphin shows and extensive list of rides. For all the water babies out there, this place is nothing less than heaven. It is one of the best and the most visited tourist spots in an Orlando City Trip. Therefore, make sure to not miss out on the same. You will have the opportunity to encounter whales and dolphins, along with many other sea creatures in the world’s largest marine amusement park.


Universal Studios

The thing about universal studios is that it gives a look into the film studio of universal studios. Furthermore, it also has a lot of other options for entertainment and attractions. This is basically a combination of a working studio and a theme park, and Steven Spielberg himself played a huge role in designing it. It is one of the best places to be, and is open for children and adults alike.


There are different parts of Universal Studios Florida, and every part has to offer something different and unique. Visit this place in your Orlando City Trip to have the best fun. You can go back home with a lifetime experience.


Discovery Cove

Discovery cove is located beside the Sea World in Orlando. It gives the visitors an experience worth remembering. You can see the mysteries of the sea here and have a relaxing time, away from the tensions of the outside world. Moreover, the reefs, dolphins and other mesmerizing sea creatures make this place an amazing tourist attraction. Thus, it will  be worth visiting.


These are some of the places that you should definitely visit in your Orlando City Trip. Go home with refreshing and the best memories after visiting the beautiful city of Orlando.