Miami Tours Combo Everglades + Bus + Boat

The Amazing Miami Tours Combo of Everglades + Miami by Bus + Miami by Boat

Planning for a Miami tours combo? Opt for something new this year. Even though the craze for the sand, sun, and natural will be pertinent to your tour, you can simply double the craze by adding a Miami tours combo of Miami Everglades + Miami by Bus + Miami by Boat.

Miami Tours Combo - Everglades and Miami by Bus and Miami by Boat (Triple Combo)
Miami Tours Combo – Everglades and Miami by Bus and Miami by Boat (Triple Combo)

A Unique Bus Ride Titillates the Senses

Everybody starting from family vacationers to romantic couples will be able to have a good time in Miami. If you opt for a combo of Miami Everglades + Miami by Bus + Miami by Boat, this city will never fail to disappoint you. Sightseeing the memorizing beaches and the architectural wonders by availing a double decker bus will add to your fun and excitement.

The bus tour will help you to experience some of the famous landmarks of the city of Miami and that too, from the comfort of the open-top bus. You will be able to enjoy the vibrant community of Havana, the Coconut Grove, and also the entertainment provided by the South Beach.

Miami Tours By Bus

South Beach has been referred to as the American Riviera. However, there is more than just the colorful beaches and fine white sand. In South Beach, you will come across world class boutiques, fine restaurants, galleries, and exotic stores. This is a culinary hotspot where you will find everything, starting from the casual beach also a side cuisine to gourmet. The white sand and the clear blue water is the must-see for every Miami visitor.

If you are an architect buff then South Beach will serve as your paradise. With diverse entertainment options, South Beach is more than just a place to be in. Thus pace draws models, celebs, and other famous people from all around the world. This is the most exotic place for young families.

Miami Beach Tours Combo

Coconut Grove, on the other hand, is a bike and pedestrian-friendly neighborhood that is rich in historic culture. It has the reputation of the most independent-minded, attractive, and dynamic community. The natural setting is of this place is breathtaking. It has subtropical foliage looking onto the turquoise blue Biscayne Bay water.

Coconut Grove boasts of Cocowalk, the multilevel entertainment complex with restaurants, shops, and clubs. This is a famous destination for tourists, as well as for locals. Along with this, you will also be able to encounter the other happening place of the city.

The buses run on a regular basis. Each of the bus is provided with an English speaker tour guide. However, if you have problem understanding English, you can listen to the recorded commentary that is available in 11 different languages such as English, French, German, Spanish, French, Russian, Japanese, Hindi, Arabic, Portuguese, mandarin, and Italian.

Miami has a panoramic deck and this will give you a unique view of the various highlights of the city. This will enable you to experience the true essence of the city. The fact that Miami’s weather is fabulous tends to be an added bonus.

Experience the Charm of the Coastal Areas through the Boat Ride

The boat ride will enable you to experience the seascape of the city since you will head out to the pristine Biscayne Bay. You will find several scattered islands across this bay. Two of the popular islands are Fisher Island and Star Island. This is the abode of some of the famous celebs of Hollywood.

You will come across a wide range of boating tours in this city. By availing the boat tours, you will be able to get a glimpse of dolphins, whales, corals, and different kinds of fish. You will get a chance to see water sprouting out from the ocean. Apart from the natural beauty of the place, this bay is a place where you will be able to get a view of the various districts.

Miami Tours By Boat

You will be provided with a guide in the boat tour, too. The guide narrates fun facts about the celebrities and the place in particular. This is a comfortable ride that is not only relaxing but also informative. There is a wide range of packages that will take your through the city and the natural beauty that surrounds the city.

Take Pleasure in the Tour of Everglades

Hop on to an airboat to enjoy a tour to the Everglades as well as the Everglades is the largest subtropical ecosystem found in the United States. It is the home to an extensive variety of flora and fauna. It is absolutely enticing to see animals in their natural habitat. A professional tour guide will be provided to narrate the airboat ride as you will glide through the jungle in the airboat. You will be given information on the different kinds of species by the guides.

The tour guide will lead you through the natural wonder of Everglades where you will be able to encounter the splendid panoramic views along with tranquility and lush green vegetation. You can be a spectator to the Alligator Wildlife Nature Show. Here, you will discover crocodiles, alligators, and various other exotic creatures.

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The tour will give you an opportunity to learn about the preservation and conservation of the most vital and delicate ecology of the world. You can hug an alligator and click a picture. The exploration of the Everglades is the concluding part of the tour.

The Miami tours combo Everglades + Miami by Bus + Miami by Boat offers round trip transportation. As a matter of fact, you will also be provided with a free hotel pick-up and drop off facility. Thus, you will not have to wait for a bus at a particular location to come and pick you up. You can simply relax in the comfort of the hotel room till the bus arrives to pick you up.

The Miami tours combo will keep you from missing out on anything. This tour is a value for money. The entire tour will take about 4 hours. While, the boat tour takes a total of 75 minutes. You will also be given time to click pictures along the tour. The combo of Miami Everglades + Miami by Bus + Miami by Boat should be your ultimate choice.