By | July 25, 2019
Miami Tour Famous Homes

Miami Tour Famous Homes: 5 Celebrity Houses You Need to Check Out

If you are in Miami, you should not leave without the Miami tour famous homes. You can take a boat tour for this. There are some celebrities who choose their home as per their location and the available amenities. However, there are others who choose it based on the price, safety, and availability of requirement. When you are in Miami, you cannot help but across the various celebrity mansions. Take a look at some of the famous celebrity mansions in Miami.

Miami Tour Famous Homes

Miami Tour Famous Homes

LeBron James

When you take the Miami tour famous homes, you will be able to come across the house of the famous NBA star LeBron James. His place is located in the Coconut Grove. As a matter of fact, it is along the water. It is at the end of Crystal View Court from the Grove Isle. There are about 6 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms in the mansion. Moreover, there is a chef’s kitchen, guestroom, custom theater, and also an infinity pool. The mansion has covered terrace, summer kitchen, and a dock. In fact, the dock will be able to accommodate two large yachts. This is one the most expensive and opulent homes present in this area.

Matt Damon

Did you love the movie, the Good Will Hunting or the Martian? Then you will obviously know the famous actor and producer Matt Damon. He is also the award winning screen writer. You will find his place at a quiet golf area, La Gorce. It is in the Miami Beach area. His home has seven bedroom and nine bathrooms. In fact, it also has a gourmet kitchen, theater, wine cellar, and also a swimming pool. Moreover, it has 2 guest bedrooms. The mansion has an amazing bay view.

Jennifer Lopez

If you avail the Miami tour famous homes, you will also come across the Jennifer Lopez’s house. She is actually a neighbor of Matt Damon on the island neighborhood of Miami Beach. As a matter of fact, her house has seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms. The best part about her house is that it has a formal dining room, exotic gardens, and koi ponds. Moreover, it has a boat dock and a swimming pool. You will find them on the 200 foot bay front portion of the property.


The actress and singer Shakira also has her house in Miami. Even though Shakira’s address might seem she belongs to the same neighborhood like Matt Damon and J. Lo. However, she is actually on a different island. This is south of La Gorce which is a popular Miami Beach. Her house faces the Intracoastal Waterway and not towards the Atlantic Ocean. This star has six bedrooms and eight bathrooms. The house also has a swimming pool along with a 100 feet bay frontage. Even though, this might not be as expensive as the other famous house, it is yet a sizeable house.

Dwayne Wade

There is another well-known athlete who has house in the Miami. His also has his residence in the La Gorce’s golfing island present at the Miami Beach. This is Mediterranean style home. The house has eight bedrooms and nine bathrooms. Apart from the swimming pool, this house also has a tennis court. There is water access though the waterway dock and frontage.

You can also avail the boat tour of famous house. If you choose this, you will be able to sit back and relax. It is actually a narrated tour around the islands. You will be able to get up close to the celebrity houses. These boats leave every day. Thus, all you have to do is get a booking.