Miami to Key West Tours

Miami to Key West Tours: Road Trip Stops along the Way

America is a land of iconic road trips and the Miami to Key West Tours is one of the most well-known ones. Let the tour bus whisk you off from the mainland to the quaint and eccentric island city of Key West which has been home to a number of colorful personalities in the past. One among its most popular past residents is Ernest Hemingway the avid traveller and writer, whose home turned museum, is an important attraction in Key West.

When it comes to road trips, not many routes are as magnificent as the Overseas Highway. The scenic drive is one of the most well-known characteristics of tours. It connects the Miami on the mainland to the Florida Keys and offers a picturesque gateway to the top holiday destination of the South: Key West.

Recommended Stops on the Way

  • Feeding Wild Tarpon: A huge game fish that weigh over 200 pounds, tarpons live in the tropical waters of the Florida Keys. Dangling your arm over the water with a piece of bait held in your fingers will make another giant fish leap out grab the food. This is a popular activity and a must-do experience for most people on the way to Key West from Miami.
  • Islamorada: This is a great place to visit on your way to Key West, offering a number of interesting activities including feeding wild tarpons. Islamorada is a quaint village that consists of 6 small islands. Take some time to explore the beauty of the place. You will find a number of incredible seafood joints. You can also try your hand at fishing on the scenic blue waters.
  • Seven Mile Bridge: The Overseas Highway has a number of picturesque bridges. The Seven Mile Bridge is the longest of them. If you are driving a convertible, take the top down. Turn on some great music and let the sea wind ruffle your hair as you drive down the this thrilling stretch. You can also stop for pictures or visit some historic sites along the way.
  • Key Largo:    

Make sure that just before hitting the Oversees Highway. You are stocked up on some common in addition to first of all Florida Keys road trip essentials. Namely, Key Lime milkshakes, fresh farm produce and snacks befitting a Caribbean holiday.

Things to Do In and Around Key West

Once you reach the southernmost state of Florida, Key West, the adventure has just begun. You will have the time of your life in the rustic sophistication of Key West if you are the type to like live music and unique cuisines. You will find an assortment of tourists here who go on art gallery visits by the day and vibrant party scenes at night.

Miami To Key West Tours
Miami To Key West Tours

Apart from lazing around on the sandy beaches or taking walks along the dainty, coral-colored conches, here are some things that tourists can do in and around Key West:

  • Walk Down Duval Street: This is the most bustling and colorful thoroughfares in Key West. From international branded much as stores to shops selling the most unique wares, just a walk down Duval Street is an interesting way to finally spend a free evening.
  • Tuck In: Foodies will find Key West to be nothing short of a paradise. There are a number of places that offer unique cosines and completely original items on the menu that you will not find anywhere else.
  • Live and Exotic Music: There is a reason why Key West is an ultimate vacation destination for many. If unique food and exotic bazaars are not enough, you can just venture to the streets and come across several exciting experiences. The streets of Key West as well as some restaurants are known for their live music.
  • Tourist Locations to Visit: Apart from the ones mentioned above. There are several other places furthermore in Key West that attract tourists. There are a plethora of newly opened boutiques and art galleries. Museums, forts, gardens and aquariums that you can pay a visit to.
Enjoy the Bright tropical Sunlight

There are several reasons why the Miami to Key West Tours trip is one of the most popular tourist and holiday activities in the south. One reason for this is the splendid tropical weather enjoyed by the place almost all round the year.

Some Historical Attractions in Key West  

  • Hemingway House and Museum: The residence of the celebrated author has been transformed into a museum where artifacts from his time still exist. This is one of the places which attract a lot of interest from tourists.
  • Key West Cemetery: Like the rest of Key West. Its cemetery too is full of quirks and has a rich history. Find it located in the center of Old Town. If you want to find out interesting aspects of the people and history of Key West. A tour of the cemetery must not be skipped.
  • Truman’s Little White House: This is where President Harry S. Truman while worked in the winters during his term. It always appears in the must-visit bucket list for many tourists. The house is in pristine condition and the tour is enjoyable and information at the same time.
  • West Martello Fort: This is a Martello tower in Key West as also has great historic significance. The place is rich in scenic beauty and boasts of beautiful flora and fauna. You can leisurely wander the grounds surrounding the fort. This will be a great diversion from the usual beach visits in Key West.          

The Miami to Key West Tours

Is known for dotted with fun as well as exciting things that you can do along the way. One of the best reasons to take the trip due to this southernmost island town is that the fun doesn’t end with the trip! Once you reach Key West, the place will blow you away with all it has to offer.

The island is one of the favorites of travelling vagabonds, well-known personalities, the literary community as well as college students. It offers to show a good time as well as for their visitors. Regardless of whether they are on a family vacation as well as just backpacking across the country with friend!