By | July 25, 2019
Miami Glades Tour

Miami Glades Tour: Different Attractions of the Everglades

Take the Miami Glades tour to experience the largest subtropical ecosystem that you can find in United States. It is home to different flora and fauna. You will not find anything like this anywhere else. No doubt, you can visit the zoo and take a look at the different animals. However, it is pretty exciting to watch them in their natural habitat.

The Everglades or the River of Grass is not simply a wetland, lake, or a prairie. It is actually a combination of everything which is twisted into a soft horizon, sunsets, and long vistas which stretch across the entire visionary filed. Here are some things that you expect when you look for Miami Glades tour.

Public Airboat Tours

The Everglades are wet place. Thus, it is particularly important to use airboats to go around the ecosystem. This is the reason there are several airboat tours. You can simply avail the one that you find suitable. As a matter of fact, there are some that you can avail from the amusement park. Prices usually fluctuate on per person basis. However, the price will largely depend on the length of the tour. Usually, the tours last for 45min-2 hours. You can check out the activities like the nature shows, alligator wrestling, etc. This will add substantial value to the ticket.

Gator Park Airboat Tour

This is an airboat tour which will offer more than a simple ride in the airboat. Each ticket you buy will offer admission to the Everglades tour. It will also give you access to the alligator wrestling show. This is a popular option among families since it enables them to participate in different activities. If you want, you can do an online booking. However, it is a lengthy tour. Thus, you need to make sure that you will not have problem with the duration before booking. Nonetheless, you do not have to stick around this part of the tour in case this turns out to be bothersome.

Key Attractions in the Everglades other than Airboat Tours

Everglades are the natural treasure of South Florida. Within this park, you will come across wildlife with a swampy habitat. Here are some of the must do activities that you should be a part of when you visit the Everglades.

Ernest Coe Visitor Center

The Ernst Coe Visitor Center is one of the first stop when you plan on exploring the Everglades. This is the hub of activity in this adventure park. This is an educational exhibit. Moreover, you will get information on the ranger-led programs. In case there are kids in your group, you can check out the junior ranger program.

Shark Valley Tram Tour

Shark Tram tour is one of the Miami Glades tour. This is a two hour guided tour. The tour will take the paved loop trail which will run for 15 miles over the Everglades. Here, you will be able to spoil some wildlife. As a matter of fact, you will also gain a high level perspective of the River of Grass. You can notice this from the observation tower. If you visit the park during the busy season, make it a point to call ahead in order to make the reservation.

Shark Valley Observation Tower

The Shark Valley Observation tower is one of the key attractions of the Everglades. On a clear sunny day, you will be able to see miles of this adventure par. This is located 5 miles above the shark valley. You can access it on foot, bicycle, or the tram tour.

This is one of the most adventurous tours. If you love adventure, this is the place to be.