Miami Everglades Tours

Miami Everglades Tours
Miami Everglades Tours

Have the Best from Your Miami Everglades Tours

Thinking of a holiday destination? Splurge in Miami Everglades tours. Everglades is a stretch of tropic wetlands situated in the southern portion of Florida. The place is moreover, a wilderness filled with a rich aquatic and wildlife. Find alligators, royal palms, mangroves, shorebirds this vacation of yours. The everglades wildlife can be best discovered during the wet season, one of the two dominant seasons of the place.

Miami Everglades Tours
Miami Everglades Tours

Visit the region during simmer, for having the best holiday experience of your lifetime. The season is made to satiate the adventure lover in you. Row a boat, or hire a kayak, Everglades will indeed provide you with bounty.  Bag your sunblock and hat to have a glimpse of alligators and baby alligators or plan for a mangrove airboat tour.

Here is a list of exhilarating things to do in Everglades.

Plan for an Airboat Ride

Well, while you are touring in Everglades, an airboat ride will assure you the ultimate thrill. You can sail through the natural habitat of many wild animals. Apart from being a pleasure trip for all ages, it is absolutely safe. Moreover, an airboat ride in Everglades Holiday Park is a package of comfort and fun. Here is actually a wonderful opportunity to learn about Florida’s ecosystem and wildlife in its most natural form ever. From reptiles, alligators, to a dense flora and fauna enjoy them all.

Everglades National Park

Wake up the child in you. This is a must visit if you are planning for Miami Everglades tours. Everglades National Park offers you to choose from a range of activities like hiking, canoeing, kayaking, saltwater fishing, biking among others. With boating, you will perhaps discover most of Everglades. It actually gives you a terrific view of the wildlife of Everglades. Moreover, bird-watching is one of the most renowned activities over here.

Shark valley is the best place to find the dense wildlife. Rent a find and you are good to go. Plan a visit around the end of November to the end of April or May to have the best views of the migratory birds and all sorts of wildlife. You can also plan for a Tram Tour for your ultimate wildlife tour.


Heaven for every first time tourist! The best season to plan a visit is during December to April, which is actually the dry season. This is because you may find the museum and the stores closed in summer, due to of course lack of visitors. Make a camp and watch the exotic varieties of bird that you will find around there. You may find manatees, owls and eagles. Boat or canoe, or just indulge leisurely, Flamingo is here to offer you with plenty of delights. Also, consider bringing a bug spray if you are hitting around the wet season.

The Main Road

Well, if you are driving along the main road, you will find plenty of places just apt for short strides such as Pineland Trail, Pahayokee Overlook, and the most popular Mahogany Hammock Trail. Mahogany Hammock is around 0.5 miles and meanders through the dense hardwood hammock. You will find plenty of lush vegetation around this area to sooth your eyes.

There are also plenty of pubs and bars/restaurants to choose from. Sweet Mayberry’s Cafe Inc. is her to offer you with delicious menu and in different cuisines. You will find organic teas with superior quality ingredients to rejuvenate yourself. Also fresh homemade desserts are actually a stress buster if you are holidaying.

You can also plan a visit to Island Cafe famous for a wide range of snacks. You can come here for your breakfast, brunch, dinner and launch. They are amazingly prepared and served.