Miami Beach Florida Points Of Interest and Attractions

Miami Beach Florida points of interest

When we talk about attractions and Miami Beach Florida Points Of Interest we need to refer to the most popular tourists points in the area. Miami Beach is an island city in South Florida, after that, it connects to the mainland through bridges. Its long beaches link the North Shore Open Space Park with the rows of palm trees from Lummus Park to South Pointe Park.

In the southern part is South Beach, known for attracting models and celebrities from around the world, and for its Art Deco architecture of the early twentieth century in the historic Art Deco district. This area is characterized by its pastel-colored buildings, especially on the Ocean Drive.

At night, neon signs illuminate the buildings on this street, as well as giving a retro look to its bars, clubs, and restaurants. Lincoln Road Mall is an outdoor shopping area with pedestrian streets and fountains. Here you can find luxury boutiques and popular chain stores. The renovation works that have been carried out on the beachfront resorts and Collins Avenue businesses have brought glamor back to the area. In this city, considered an artistic mecca, the Art Basel fair is organized annually and is the headquarters of the Wolfsonian-FIU museum, where objects that date back even to the Industrial Revolution are exhibited.

Points of interest

miami attractions and tours
The gateway to Wynwood Walls, one of the stops on a tour of Miami’s burgeoning arts scene by The Miami Art Experience.
– Patrick Farrell for VISIT FLORIDA

Miami Beach offers a wide variety of tourist attractions, ideal for visitors and its residents. Some of them are:

South Beach:

Miami Beach Florida Points Of Interest and Attractions
Art Deco District Miami Beach
– Patrick Ferrell for VISIT FLORIDA

It is the neighborhood that identifies Miami Beach and Miami in general. It is the most interesting and attractive part of Miami, it is known for its beaches and the glamorous atmosphere of its nightclubs and restaurants of famous chefs. Chain stores and independent fashion stores surround the pedestrian shopping area of ​​Lincoln Road Mall.

Ocean Drive Miami:

Mariela Rexach and Jose Rodriguez, tourists from Puerto Rico, taste hummus, corn salad, guacamole, ceviche and homemade corn chips at Books & Books during the Miami Beach food tour.
– Peter W. Cross for VISIT FLORIDA

It is one of the most lively, characteristic and interesting streets of Miami, on Ocean Drive you will find a great avenue that crosses the coast of Miami Beach, so on one side you will have all the sea in its full splendor and on the other hand a variety of commercial premises Many people go jogging or rollerblading along it at all times since it is a safe and suitable area for such activities.

Lincoln Road Miami:

Lincoln Road, Miami.
– Greater Miami CVB

It is a pedestrian street that functions as a historic mill located in Miami Beach, Florida. It is the perfect place to spend a fun day or night in South Beach, whether it’s a night date or going to the city with friends, everyone will enjoy Florida’s most popular shopping and dining promenade.

South Pointe Park:

Known locally as South Pointe, it is a 17-acre (6.9ha), for this reason, county urban park in the Miami metropolitan area, in the South Beach neighborhood of Miami Beach, Florida. The park offers several features, including a restaurant, frozen yogurt concession, children’s area, a dog park, and outdoor showers.

Art Deco District:

The Art Deco is an artistic movement that emerged in the year 1920 and had its peak during the Great Depression, at which time, Americans were interested in an architecture that would help lift the mood of the country, something that the fantasy could achieve Art Deco style.

The buildings with Art Deco style are mainly characterized by being based on elementary geometry (cubes, spheres, and straight lines) with a great ornamental abundance since the function of Art Deco is more decorative than functional.

Coconut Grove:

It is an exclusive wooded neighborhood with relaxing cafes, consequently, elegant shops in the Coco-Walk shopping center and its surroundings. Tranquility and its natural beauty draws the attention of the tourist to this place. The lush vegetation of Coconut Grove merges with the blue waters of the nearby Bay of Biscay in Miami, giving special light to the old mansions of coral rock.

Miami Beach Florida Points Of Interest and Attractions
Holocaust Memorial
– Photo Credit: Greater Miami Jewish Federation

Collins Avenue:

It is an important road in South Florida. The highway runs parallel to the Atlantic Ocean in Miami Beach, Florida, one block west. The stores of the main brands worldwide are present on this street.

More than 30 shops of the best designers such as Armani, Kenneth Cole, Tommy Hilfiger, Guess, Sephora, Nicole Miller, Intermix, UCG and Versace, this makes shopping-lovers visit Miami Avenue Collins.

Venetian Islands Miami:

They are a chain of artificial islands in Biscayne Bay in the cities of Miami and Miami Beach, Florida in the southern United States. The islands are from west to east: Biscayne Island (Miami), San Marco Island (Miami). San Marino Island (Miami Beach), Di Lido Island (Miami Beach). Rivo Alto Island (Miami Beach) and Belle Isle (Miami Beach) ).

Miami Beach Botanical Garden:
It is a botanical garden of 1.8 hectares (4.5 acres), consequently, located in Miami Beach, Florida, in the United States. This beautiful and colorful garden, consequently, is one of the main attractions of Miami, it is perfect for nature lovers.

Another exotic point of interest:
  1. Japanese garden
  2. Bromeliad Garden
  3. Orchid Collection
  4. Greenhouse
  5. Live wall, vertical garden
  6. Native plants collection
  7. Palms with a dozen species of palm trees from subtropical areas
  8. Topiaries Collection
Miami Beach Boardwalk:

It is a pedestrian path in Miami Beach, partly of pavement and other sections built in wood. Where you can in addition to jogging or cycling, discover as you go, the back area of ​​many hotels with their bars, swimming pools, and access. And of course, the beach of Miami extending before you in a unique way.

Jewish Holocaust Monument:

Jews who lost their lives because of the fascist regime in Europe. Something that highlights this monument is a hand that rises to the sky, therefore made of bronze, 13 meters high. Around him, the figures climb,  to conclude, with gestures of clear pain and terror. There is also a wall with millions of engraved names of those who died.

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