Miami bay tour by boat

A Spectacular Miami Bay Tour by Boat

 Home to the largest port for cruise ships and surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the Biscayne Bay, Miami is definitely the premiere sailing and boating destination. With a subtropical temperature all the year round, this city attracts several tourists. The main highlight of the Miami is the Miami bay tour by boat.

The boat tour will take you around Biscayne Bay. All you have to do is avail a boat tour and sit back and enjoy the scenic beauty of the coastal areas. This is actually a fully narrated bilingual sightseeing.

Miami bay tour by boat
Miami bay tour by boat

As a tourist, you will always have the urge to visit the different attractions that the city has to offer. However, if you have to get the true feel of the city and enjoy the exclusive natural beauty, a Miami bay tour by boat is the best option. This is an affordable option and enables you to experience the panoramic and alluring view of Miami.

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Miami bay tour by boat

The Miami boat tours will enable you to enjoy the coastline of Miami from the close quarters. Saline along the pristine water of the sea has its own charm. If you love spending some quality time sailing on the clear blue water, this is surely going to be a lifetime experience for you. You do not have to settle for a boring Miami vacation at Miami when you have the boat tour at your disposal.

Enjoy the Attractions

 The popular boat tour if Miami is not restricted to the expanse of the beaches and the water. Ships are sometimes anchored in Downtown Miami. During this time you will be able to visit the historical buildings along the shoreline or Downtown Miami. You will be able to experience the pulsating energy of the city only if you choose Miami boat tours.

The rich marine life found in this clear blue water is a feast for the eyes of a nature lover. The water is one of the main attractions since it serves as a perfect vantage for the exquisite coastline of the city.

The Boat Tour Destinations

 The Miami Bay tour by boat will take you different destinations such as the Downtown area, Millionaire’s Row, Miami Beach, Port of Miami, and the Fisher Island.

Downtown Area: The Downtown area of Miami consists of high-rise condos, newly constructed lofts with fine dining restaurants and shopping mall. This area hasn’t been fully redeveloped by condos and lofts are spawning new mini neighborhoods. Here there are sushi restaurants, wine bars, yoga centers, and high-end gyms. Even though during the day, the streets of Downtown bustles with business people, students, and merchants, it is mostly desolate at night.

Tours in Miami Beach City

Miami Beach: This is a fabulous beach of 50’s and has been referred to as the true Riviera of America. This is one of the most happening vacation spot of the country. This place features more than 800 buildings that is a part of the world’s largest Art Deco Architecture. Here, you will find people sunbathing and taking a dip in the ocean. Miami is actually caters to the moneyed crowd. It has upscale shopping centers and popular spas.

Millionaire’s Row: Environmentalists are of the opinion that the rising sea levels will subsume the beach of Miami but this isn’t stopping people from developing mammoth homes in the Millionaire’s Row which is also known as the North Bay Road. This is no doubt, the best street of Miami. The reputation of North Bay Road extends beyond Miami. It is located few miles away from South Beach and lies somewhat discretely along the Biscayne Bay. You will not be able to help yourself from staring at the serene expanse of the bay and marvel at how quiet that is. Celebs like Ricky Martin, Jennifer Lopez, Tommy Hilfiger, and Shakira have their home along this road.

South Miami Tours

Port of Miami: This is the containerized cargo port of Florida. As a matter of fact, this place widely known as the cruise capital of the world. Facilitated by about seven cruise terminals. The terminal D and E will be able to accommodate mega vessels which can carry more than 5,000 passengers. This port prides of designed to move passengers quickly from one place to another.

Fisher Island: This particular island is accessible only by boat. The ride by the boat will enable to your experience the breathtaking view of island. This island is located in the Southern Tip of Miami. However, this is now a private residential community. This is one of the most treasured spots of Miami. It attracts people from all over the world. This is a unique destination for people who like spending their vacation to be private.

 Boat Tour of Miami Coastal Areas: Services Provided

 The boat tour uses modern yachts which is not only stylish but is also very comfortable. The cruise is capable of supporting about 150 people. Each of the vessels carry lower salon that contain air-conditioned. If you are on the upper deck, you will be able to take in the fresh ocean breeze.

It has an owning which will protect the tourists from the direct rays of the sun. As a matter of fact, this will also give you protection during the times of rainfall. So, make sure you carry some light snack, soft drink, or cocktails from the bar.

The boat tour will enable you to experience the city in different ways. There are private dinner cruises, speedboats, and dance cruises. The Miami bay tour by boat is generally 90 minutes long.

The boats depart on a daily basis and are open to all age groups. The boat ride is certainly going to be an unforgettable way to experience the whole of Miami. That boats offered comes well facilitated and also welcomes you to experience the comfort that they have promised. You can have a relaxing time while the Miami bay tour by boat takes you around to encounter the spectacular sounds and sights if the Atlantic.