By | August 3, 2019
Key West Trip Packages

Tips and Warning for Key West Trip Packages

When you opt for Key West trip packages, keep in mind that there are dangers which can ruin your vacation. This is the southernmost town in United States. As a matter of fact, this has a led back lifestyle. However, if you visit this place, you will notice that it has fun party atmosphere. If you have to keep your vacation from being spoiled, you need to take some caution. This is mainly for your own safety. These are some tips and warnings that will make your trip memorable.

Key West Trip Packages

Key West Trip Packages


Even though Key West experiences good weather all the year round, it might change during the hurricane season. This is during May-November. It might be difficult to go out since there are only two lane roads all throughout Keys. Keep in mind that everyone tries leaving, the place might get congested. However, there is another option. You can take the speed ferries to reach the Ft. Myers on the Gulf Coast. Again, if there are large waves and high winds, this might not be a good option. In case you are planning to visit Key West during the hurricane season, you should check the weather warnings. Thereafter, go out only if it is necessary.

Outdoor Lifestyle

Key West trip packages will show you that it an amazing outdoor lifestyle. As a matter of fact, it mostly centers on the water activities. Hence, you should always use sunscreen and keep yourself hydrated. The trade winds flowing from the Gulf Stream makes the temperature appear mild. However, keep in mind that the sun is strong on land, as well as on water.

Be careful of the Jelly fish. You can find them on the shore line of the beaches and sea grass. These are balloon like creatures which have vicious sting. It is extremely painful. This can interfere with the lung and heart function. In case the pain last for more than an hour, you should get in touch with a doctor.

Barracudas swim close to the shore along with the piers. Even though it is highly unlikely, it can attack you when you are swimming. This can happen if you step on them accidentally.


Key West trip packages will help you to embrace the alternate lifestyle. This is a popular tourist spot. The town is vibrant and open. Moreover, it will add a great deal of color, fun, and livelihood to the people who call this place their home. In case you are not a party animal, it is better to stay in Duval Street. Don’t forget that most bars are open during the wee hours of the morning. As a matter of fact, the music is pretty loud.


The Florida Keys are connected by a causeway that has a picturesque view. Apart from the short stretch in the upper Keys that has a toll road; the causeway is actually a single road. The traffic might be held here for hours by construction and accidents. Make sure that you follow the speed limits and obey the traffic rules. You might be able to see the traffic cops unless you are too close enough.

Other Tips

The docks might be crowded during the sunset. Hence, take care of your cell phone, wallet, and money. You have to pay very little parking fee. Make sure that you ask for permission before you take the photos of other people. Embrace the lifestyle and bring home incredible memories.