Key West Tours

Experience the Tropical Beauty of Key West Tours

The allure of Key West lies in its ability to accommodate tourists with varying interests and passions and showing them all a good time. Whether you are looking for a few days of respite in a romantic Caribbean villa overlooking the sapphire sea or a holiday with night-long parties at eccentric clubs, Key West Tours are just the thing for you.

Key West Tours
Key West Tours

From sandy beaches that look like something out of a dreamy postcard to sophisticated literary festivals, there are a number of Key West attractions that you just can’t miss. The southernmost point of Florida, Key West famously known for the wide range of tourist activities that it offers to visitors.

What to Do In Key West?   

Each day that you are a guest in Key West is a brand new adventure! If you feel particularly active, a lazy day on the beach under the golden sunlight can be missed for a trip on Glass Bottom Boat in Key West. The world famous coral reefs just off the island shore look nothing short of a magical underwater city.

You can take a walk or bicycle ride to explore the rich, historical legacy of the place. Spend an entire day exploring the various museums and forts. You will come back with newfound facts about shipwrecks and wreakers, sunken treasures that were reclaimed after centuries, a history of pirates and civil wars.

Key West is also well-known for watersports and various other activities. In fact, a large number of tourists arrive attracted to the island because of its reputation as a watersports destination. Apart from a trip to the magnificent coral reefs, you can also go snorkeling in Key West or take a deep dive with underwater wonders with scuba diving. If you love at things marine, you’ll find the water activities of Key West Tours to be highly delightful.

For those more akin to enjoying on land, the train tours in Key West are sure to draw your attention. The entire tour takes approximately 14 hours and covers a total of 272 kilometers and makes stops at some of the most unique tourist destinations in Key West.

The train tour was started in 1958 and has been a favorite of tourists ever since. In fact, no trip to Key West is complete unless you take the famed train tour route with its thrilling sights and humorous narratives on the way!

Local Life in Key West

The communal environment of Key West is one of eccentric diversity. The local population is an inter-cultural mix of Hispanics, Conchs, military personnel and an ever-present assortment of vagabonds and drifters, always on their way to somewhere else.

Duval Street is one of the spectacular destinations that no tourist should miss. A conversation at a shady bar tucked away between the shops on Duval Street can turn out to be the most interesting part of your day! Here you will find swanky store fronts right by the sides of raucous shops selling an interesting assortment of wares. From bustling shops to dim bars and restaurants, it gives you the impression of a lively bazaar that you’ll want to return to everyday.

The pretty pastel strings of houses and villas and sophisticated art galleries at frequent intervals will keep your aesthetic senses pleased even if you are just taking a walk down the street. You will find the true beauty of a laid-back Key West off the usual paths; delve into its residential squares and visit eateries that the locals frequent. You’ll find the natives to be exceptionally friendly.

Of Food and Festivals

If you are looking forward to trying out interesting cuisines, Key West Tours will not disappoint you. Much of the local fare carry base on seafood but there are a number of unusual. Eateries and restaurants tucked away here are there. Cuban and Caribbean flavors have a significant impact on most dishes. Transforming simple seafood platters into something you have never tried before.

Head over to El Siboney for some authentic Cuban food or drop in at Blue Heaven. For a lip-smacking blend of Florida and Caribbean flavors. In Key West, the funky décor of the restaurants will give you a unique dining experience. Not considered unusual to see stray animals strut by your table at dinner!

Hardly any weekend in Key West goes by without a much talked-about event rather than being hosted by the town. No matter where your interests lie, you will definitely find an event or festival to your liking. From food festivals to literary meets, you will find several options to pick from. If you are in town during the Low Keys Underwater Music Festival. Make sure not to miss this experience of a lifetime!

The Hemingway Connection

Fans of writer and traveller Ernest Hemingway have an exclusive incentive as well as visiting Key West. The author was a residence of this picturesque island and his home has been transformed into a museum in his honor. A visit to this museum is included in almost all Key West Tours. Besides housing relics from the late author’s life. The museum also has descendants of Hemingway’s pet cats still living on its premises.

An Experience like No Other    

There are two popular opinions about tourism in Key West. Some might say that it has become one of those highly commercialized Caribbean islands. While others hold that there is nothing like the raw and rustic setting of the place. The truth, however, is an intrinsic blend of both these notions.

In Key West Tours you will find two different worlds living in close proximity to one another, often coming together to treat tourists to an experience they will never forget. Multimillion dollar condos stand across the street from dainty villas or conchs.

Duval Street is one of the sites of paradoxes with a Hard Rock Café. Smack in its center and a sprawl of raunchy shops further along the street. All things considered, Key West is the just the place. To give your next vacation the perfect blend of historical tours, water sports, experiencing unique cuisines.