By | August 7, 2019
Key West Tour Bus

Jazz Up Your Vacation with Key West Tour Bus

This vacation, have a different experience with Key West tour bus. Hop on the bus and get to see the best views of the city. Additionally, there are plenty of bus services at your disposal. This ensures that you explore Key West at your own speed and comfort. With these bus services, you can easily get down and visit the market area with its lineup of shops, or at the galleries or restaurants. With some bus services, the availability of tickets is valid throughout the day.

Key West Tour Bus

Key West Tour Bus

Key West tour bus is extremely popular because of many reasons. You can now know Key West with well informative tours and guides. The history of Key West along with its pirate stories, Civil War and other such legends are all awaiting your arrival. You can easily get down at the places of your interest and get up on another bus at your convenience.

In Key West there are a couple of places to pay a visit to. Take a look at some of the attractive and beautiful places that Key West has to offer.

Mallory Square

With Key West tour bus can get down at Mallory Square. Honestly, you will be offered with a whole new set of activities to choose from. For example the sunset celebration, luxurious spas like Sunset Pier, Old Town Trolley, Conch Tour Train and Key West Shipwreck Treasure Museum.

Over here, you are actually about to discover a significant part of Florida’s history. You can explore a whole range of artifacts and especially Spanish fleets of the 1600s and 1700s. Also while you are here, pay a visit to the 65 foot lookout tower. It is famous for offering a splendid view of the whole island.

Key West Aquarium is rich with almost 100 species of fish, turtle, sharks, birds, lobster, tarpon and other such exotic marine life creatures. It also has a Touch Tank, from where you can pick animals.

West Martello Tower

Have the most peaceful holiday experience of your life at West Martello Tower. It is now run by a garden club. You will additionally encounter a small butterfly garden, two gazebos, banyan trees, magnificent orchids, and a small beach. The view is beautiful around this garden giving it a different ambiance all together. You can take colorful pictures of lots of exotic plants and flowers. The place is actually located on the Atlantic Ocean, next to White Street fishing pier.

Bahama Village

It is actually one of the popular breakfast spots of Key West. There are additionally, new dining options surprising the guests with every now and then. The most delicious and famous dishes are perhaps Zula’s Columbian Grace, Santiago’s Bodega. Moreover, if you are hankering after some shopping, the market is full of trinkets and beautiful straw hats.

The place is very cozy with outdoor sitting area provided with AC. The ambiance is very relaxing accompanied with live music. Also, make a point to taste the shrimp salad when you are over there.

The other attractions that Key West will provide are the infamous Schoomer Jolly Rover which is sure to take you back to classic 80s. It is a topsail ship which will give you the most memorable sail of Key West. Have a glimpse of the view around you as the sun plays with its colors. It will be surely one hell of a beautiful experience of your life.

Key West tour bus also shows you a wide range of pubs and bars with live music. After all, there are excellent band players playing music from all around the world here. Moreover, you can take beautiful pictures of Key West’s nightlife with a bus.