Key West Florida Weather

Key West Florida Weather

Key West Florida Weather, Warnings, and Dangers

A Key West Florida weather report will tell you how hot and cold the weather is generally is in Key West. This is a beautiful place to spend your next vacation. However, you need to make sure that you have detailed weather report before visiting the place. This will make your visit even more pleasant.

Days of Hot Weather in Key West

It is not normal for the temperature in Key West to rise above 100 degree Fahrenheit. However, this does fall to 90 degrees Fahrenheit in the months of July and August. As a matter of fact, during the winter months, the temperature falls to 80 degree Fahrenheit.

Key West Florida weather is generally warm. It has an average temperature of 50 degree Fahrenheit throughout the year. Usually, from June to September, the temperature is normally colder than 70 degree Fahrenheit.

Even though Key West offers pleasant weather throughout the year, this might change instantaneously during the rainy season. As a matter of fact, it is not easy to go out as there is only two lane road all across the city. If everyone tries to leave, it might become pretty congested. However, you have the option of high speed ferries. This will take you to Ft. Myers over the Gulf Coast. Again due to strong winds and large waves, this might prove to be pretty dangerous. In case you are planning to visit Key West during the hurricane season, you should keep a check on the weather warnings. Thus, you will be able to move out a soon as possible.

Outdoor Lifestyle

Apart from the Key West Florida weather, there are other things that you should know. This place has an amazing outdoor lifestyle. In fact, most of it centers on water activities. Thus, you should always use sun screen and drink water to be hydrated. The Gulf Stream wind makes the temperature seem mild. However, the sun shines strongly over the water and land.

You will find jelly fish near the shore line that is on the beaches and sea grass. This is colorful balloon like creature which has a vicious sting. In fact, it can be extremely painful. Moreover, it can interfere with lung and heart function. In case the pain last over an hour, you should call for medical help.

You will notice barracudas swimming close to the shores and also along the piers. They might not attack you while you are swimming but if you have an accidental encounter like stepping on them by mistake, they might bite you.


Key West is unofficially called the Conch Republic. This place is popular for tourist. As a matter of fact, thousands of tourists visit this place every year. The main attraction of this place is the Everglades and the beaches. If you want some adventure in your vacation, you can simply avail the various tours to the Everglades National Park. Here, you will be able to see the alligators and various other creatures. However, if you want to have a peaceful and laid-back holiday, you should stick to the beaches. There are several beaches and you can simply choose the one that you like the most. You can either sun bath or take a stroll on the beaches.


If you are visiting Key West, you need to make a plan beforehand. This is because while booking hotels in the rush hours, there might be price hike. Thus, if you plan beforehand, you will be able to book the hotels at a lesser price. This way you will be able to save some money.

The docks are usually crowed and you need to secure the wallet, money, and cell phone. Make sure that you ask before taking photos of others.