By | July 23, 2019
Key West Festivals

5 Different Key West Festivals

Other than the beaches, Key West is also popular for its parties and the Key West Festivals.  As a matter of fact, tourists and locals will be able to experience the quirkiness and good times of Key West with one visit of the annual festivals. If you be part of it, you will know that these festivals will never disappoint. Here are some of the most popular festivals of Key West.

Key West Festivals

Key West Festivals

Fantasy Fest

No doubt, this is the wildest party of Key West. This is a 10 day festival. As a matter of fact, the 10 day Key West festivals attract a lot of visitors in October. They come here for a pleasurable warm up to Halloween. This festival keeps the island naughty and busy for days in the end. Thus, you need to be prepared to deal with big crowds, rowdy celebrations, and skin-bearing costumes. The festival was developed in order to draw tourists during the months of summer and Christmas. Some of the events of the festival include Royal Coronation Ball. In this event, two local are crowned Conch Queen and King. You will also find a street fair, pet masquerade, or drag queen content. Some additional popular festivals are burlesque show, a hippie theme concert, and a western theme party.

Goombay Festival

Even though technically, Fantasy Fest is one of the Key West Festivals that mark the starting of the festivals, Goombay Festival has its own importance. This is a 2 day friendly-family street party. This is quite different from the previous festival. You will come across this festival on the Petronia Street. This is actually just off the Duval in the Bahama Village area. It celebrates Bahamian, Caribbean, and West African culture with crafts, art, and ethnic food like conch fritters. Here, you will be able to enjoy live music from groups like Steel Your Heart Band. Moreover, you can be a part of the calypso like live music. This starts from noon till 11 o’ clock at night. You will be happy to know that people encourage dancing on the street.

Bight before Christmas

The Key West Bight Marina is also the Historic Seaport. This place goes into a holiday mode for about 6 weeks. This is the Bight before Christmas. It starts on Thanksgiving evening. There are lights on the harbor. You can talk a 4 block long Harbor Walk along this Historic Seaport. In fact, you will see the sea swathing on every structure. The festival also includes a parade. The parade contains floats and there is an appearance of Santa Claus. Apart from this, you can enjoy tree-trimming party, a lighted boat parade, and also a tour of the historic inns.

New Year’s Eve

In case, celebrations is not something you like. You should visit the Key West during the New Years’ eve. As a matter of fact, the main drag in the Duval Island. You will be able to join thousands of people who gather in front of the dive bar, the Sloppy Joe in order to be a part of the annual conch shell dropping. in this occasion, a conch shell is lowered from the bar. In case you are a sea-faring pirate lover, you have the option to visit the island’s historic seaport. Once you are here, you will see scantily clad pirate wench which is lowered from the ship mast when the clock strikes 12.

Hemingway Day Festival

Throughout 1930s, Ernest Hemingway, the popular writer, considered Key West his home. His legacy continues with the annual Hemingway Days Festival. This is one of the Key West Festivals which pays an ode to the author. However, it is like a look-alike contest. There is also a competition for wannabe writers. Key West holds this festival in July. However, if you are a Hemingway fan, you can explore his history all the year round.