By | August 6, 2019
Key West Entertainment

Thing You Can Do for Key West Entertainment

Key West entertainment is edgier and captivating than all the other keys. This is a 7 sq. mile island which appears like a tropical oasis. This place is an exclusive mixture of cultural influences. Key West is known for its sunset and is popular among tourist all across the world. This island is the home to some of the historical treasures. A majority of the activities in the island is concentrated in the western half itself. Here are some of the main things that you can look out for when you visit Key West.

Key West Entertainment

Key West Entertainment

Duval Street

This is place is known to be the main tourist strip of Key West. It has shops and restaurants which have been designed for Key West entertainment. Doesn’t matter if you are cruise ship passenger or tourist, you will be able to enjoy yourself to the greatest extent. This should either be your starting or ending point. Some of the popular tourist attraction is located in this area.

Ernest Hemingway Museum and Home

You might already be aware of the fact that Ernest Hemingway is one of the first literary writers to live in Key West. He bought his house in the year 1931 and resided there till 1940. It has a lush green garden along with a salt-water pool. He spent all his money on the construction of the house. You can visit this home as this is a historical place.

Southern Most Point

Key West rose to fame because it is the southernmost point of continental U.S.A. A concrete structure marked in red, yellow, and black denotes this place. There are street performers and vendors congregate around the site for selling souvenirs and showcase the talent. The marker is less inspiring. However, the visitor often takes their own picture on the marker.

Dry Tortugas National Park

Dry Tortugas National Park is actually an archipelago of seven Reef Island, located 64 miles around Key West. It got this name due the large number of turtles that you will come across in this island. It was only later that people added the dry part to the name. This refers to the lack of fresh water on the island.

Garden Key is the home to the Fort Jefferson. This has been built by the U.S. government for controlling and protecting the Gulf of Mexico’s shipping channel. This fort used to perform the role of a prison for the deserters during the time of civil war.

Conch Tour Train

Key West entertainment also means taking a ride in the conch tour train. This has been entertaining the visitors of the island for a long period of time. In fact, it is one of the popular tourist attractions. Moreover, you will be able to take a ride around the entire island on this conch tour train.

Key West Aquarium

The inauguration of the Key West aquarium happened in 1934. This is one of the first open-air aquariums in United States. However, later on for controlling algae, the building got a roof. There are number of tanks holding the local marine life which includes angel fish and snapper. When you take the tour, you will notice the sharks being fed.

Shipwreck Treasure Museum

This place is a replica of the 19th century wrecker’s house that exhibits a tracing history of the area’s salvage history. In fact, a large number of people made their livelihood from the shipwreck. Due to the nature of their work, they gained the name of wreckers.

Apart from Key West entertainment, you can also opt for diving and snorkeling on the waters of Key West. Moreover, if you are not adventurous, you can opt for a ride on the glass bottom boats.