Key West Bike Rentals

Key West Bike Rentals
Key West Bike Rentals

Tips to Follow For Key West Bike Rentals

If you are in Key West, you should surely go for Key West bike rentals to see the sights. The island is just 4.2 square miles. Thus, it is easy to navigate through the bikes. With the help of the bike, you will be able to enjoy every site at your own pace. You should know that this island is pretty bike friendly. This is because it has low car speed limits. Moreover, there are several racks that help you to lock the bike. You can discover the natural beauty and amazing architecture as you make your way around the island.

Key West Bike Rentals
Key West Bike Rentals

However, you need to make sure that you have got the right kind of bike. When you think of Key West bike rentals, here are few tips that you need to follow.

Call Ahead

This is one of the most important things that you need to do before you opt for bike rentals. Keep in mind that rental shops have only limited number of bikes. Again, only some of these bikes will be of your size. This is a huge problem if you rent the bike on weekends. Thus, you should call ahead. The bike should be waiting for you by the time you arrive.

Get to Know What Is Provided with the Rental

When you rent a bike, it is important to get to know the things that will be provided with it. Mostly it is the same for every business. However, you obviously, you do not want to buy any accessories just for one ride. Thus, make sure that you double check.

Get a Map

While a pump, levers, or spare tube always attached to the bike, there are some rental companies that do not offer a map unless you ask for it. When you ask they will happily hand you a stack of photocopied map. If you ask they might also suggest and highlight the good routes.

Get Tape Measure

You need to carry something that will help you to get the right saddle height. This can be piece of string or tape measure cut to the right length. If you have the right saddle height, it will help you to drive more comfortably.

Pack Wisely

If you have saddlebags or bag panniers, you need to use them like one piece of luggage for the trip. In case you plan on getting larger suitcase or bags, try to rig it up in your own bike prior to leaving. This is to make sure that you can secure it to the bike’s rack. Thus, you will be able to easily secure and un-secure it. Do not forget to get your own bungee cord, lights and helmets, and bicycle lock if you are sure that rental service will not be able to provide these.

Read the Agreement Carefully

Even though there is not much fine print for sifting through the rental bikes likes cars, there is quite less uniformity in the bike’s sphere. Thus, you should know what you are agreeing to. There are many Key West Bike Rentals that will make you agree not to hold them responsible for any injury that is caused by the bike ride. Check the penalty you have pay for the late return.

Make Sure that the Lodging Accommodates the Bike

In case you are staying in a hotel, inn, or motel, you have to ask them about the bike storage. Ask them if you have to lock the bike in a designated area. Call the owner and talk to him/her. If they do not offer, it will turn out to be a problem for you.