By | August 7, 2019
Key West Beaches

Key West Beaches and its Beauty

Key West beaches are one of the main attractions of the place. You can have a relaxed, refreshing vacation when you are at Key West. The island is repleted with many public and private beaches. Swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling are very popular activities around this area. Key West has been an ideal place for vacation. Moreover, you can choose from a range of hotels, motels and resorts to stay at. Key West has famous museums, art galleries and historical points of interests.

Key West Beaches

Key West Beaches

Duval Street throbs with life. It is one of the most popular destinations of Key West for the place is filled with bars, aquariums, café, famous pie shops. San Carlos Theater offers a range of entertaining productions throughout the year. Apart from these there are musical concerts and live music that keep the crowd entertained. You can additionally check out Mallory Square, which is famous for shopping among the tourists.

However, the beaches are also a part of the package that makes Key West scenic. Take a look at some of the beautiful beaches you can discover this holiday.

South Beach

It is very conveniently located, just a short walk from the center of the town. It is one of the most popular among the other Key West beaches. The warm water is just perfect for swimmers. You can also use an umbrella and a deck chair to enjoy the wonderful view that the beach offers. You can additionally rent snorkeling gear or kayaks or can just sit back and take a sip from your favorite beverages. The hustle bustle and the numerous air conditioned cafes over-looking the beach are the other attractions of the area.

The view is spectacular and is sure to provide with a splendid backdrop to your photos. Also plenty of restaurants are just a short walk from the café.

Smathers Beach

Brace yourself for a very pristine view that you will find in Smathers Beach. The stretch of pristine white sand and the turquoise water is calming both to your body and mind. It is the largest beach of all the other Key West beaches. You will find volleyball nets, snorkeling gears as well as parasailing stuff there. You can also kayak and sail mini boats that you can rent from the vendors.

Higgs Beach

Higg’s beach is unique and beautiful in its own way. You find an array of tropical plants, white sands, as well as many cultural and historic attractions. Tour the wartime fort and the surrounding Key West garden spot. Moreover, you can stretch out comfortably on the 16 acres of beachfront land. Snorkeling is very rampant over there. While you are there you can also pay a visit to the Southernmost Point.

Tortugas Beach

From snorkeling to camping and seeing birds Tortugas is here to make your holiday fulfilling.  The shallow waters make snorkeling fun for everyone. Look out for corals, starfish, queen conchs and tropical fish abundant here. You can additionally catch a glimpse of the migratory birds over there. You have the chances to spot exotic species like ruby-throated Hummingbird, peregrine falcon and yellow billed cuckoo among others.

During the fall, the variety is ample with a large number of colorful birds filling your sight. Also spend a day at the Fort Jefferson. There are picnic grounds and campgrounds. You can also see the South Coaling Dock Ruins, which will amp up your snorkeling adventure.

Apart from these beaches, there are a couple of restaurants you can check out. Ernest Hemingway museum, planet blue kayak, Key West garden, west Martello tower, Florida Keys eco-diversity center are other major attractions of Key West.