Key West Bars

Key West Bars
Key West Bars

Things You Need to Know Before Visiting the Key West Bars for the First Time

If you are in Key West and do not have anything to do, you can check out the Key West bars. There are different kinds of bars that you will come across in Key West. You can simply choose the one that you like. However, before you visit the bar, you need to know the bar language. Thus, when you order a drink, the bartender might throw some other questions at you. The last thing you want is for the bartender to stare at you while you look like an idiot. Here are some things that you need to know if you are visiting a bar for the first time.

Key West Bars
Key West Bars

Keep it Simple

When you are in a bar, you need to keep it simple. If you are out with your college friends, you can order drinks like mojito. However, if you are in a sports bar, you should not make the bar tender spare some extra time to make the drink. It is important to order something simple so that you do not piss off the bar tender. This is because a hoard of people might be waiting behind you.

In case you do not want a beer, you can order some cocktails which are easy to make such as cranberry vodka or vodka tonic. Keep in mind that you have to experiment with the drink so that it doesn’t make you feel as if you are drinking rubbing alcohol.

Tip the Bartender

You do not want to appear stupid by ordering a drink and not giving the bartender a tip. He/she has to put up with drunken people for the whole night. Thus, you should let them know that you appreciate it. Make sure that you tip after every drink. As a matter of fact, there are some bartenders who will notice you for your good tipping habits. Hence, they will pour out stronger and better drinks for you.

Dress Properly

If your ID card says that you are 24, you should dress like it. Keep in mind that you can wear something appealing and stick prevent sticking out just like a sore thumb. You might be comfortable in your Knicks jersey and beer helmet. However, this is not the right dress to wear when you go to a bar.

Thursday is Mainly Friday

If you go to Key West bars on Friday, you will notice that the people sitting there are 48 years old. These people usually sit at the bar for over six hours. This is only because you are late to the party. You should know that Thursday night is much cooler than Friday nights. Thus, plan out your bar visit on a Thursday.

No One Cares How Drunk You Are

The best to make sure that everyone in the bar knows that you never got drunk is to broadcast how drunk you have been. However, if you are drinking after 21, this is not applicable to you. If you are new to drinking, you should know that no one cares how many drinks you had or how drunk you are. In case you are planning to mix with the rest of the crowd in the Key West bars, you should not make a scene.

Whenever you are in a bar, you should make it a point to pay in cash. This is a pretty efficacious way of finding out how much money they have spent. Obviously the bar tender will not appreciate if you keep on opening the tab after every drink. Thus, if you plan to use the card, you have to keep the tab open since you plan on buying more drink.