Everglades Wildlife Show + Airboat Ride: An Exotic Tour

The Exotic Tour of Everglades Wildlife Show Airboat Ride Tours

The Everglades wildlife show airboat ride will enable you to experience the exotic charm of the wetland. Everglades is popularly known as the River of Grass. As a matter of fact, there is no wilderness in America which is quite like the Everglades. It is a vast wilderness covers an area of about 1.5 million. It is the certainly the greatest treasure of America.

Everglades attracts millions of visitors every year as there is a lot to see and do. You will be able to spy alligators and crocodiles basking in the sun. In fact, you will find herons stalk patiently through the water bodies, searching for its prey.

Everglades Wildlife Show + Airboat Ride Tours

Everglades Wildlife Show Airboat Ride Tours
Everglades Wildlife Show Airboat Ride Tours

The Everglades is really a long and shallow water body that is more than 50 miles long. It is home to several animals and birds. Birds that are found here can either be migratory or resident. This subtropical region harbors birds and plant species from North America and West Indies.

Weather and Rainfall of Everglades Tours

 The Everglades has two seasons which is unlike most of the areas of the United States. The wetland enjoys summer and winter. Nature has designed the Everglades in such a manner that it experiences flood, as well as drought.

The dry season of winter which starts in November and ends in April brings cooler temperatures along with some scanty rainfall. However, rainfall within the Everglades might vary from year to year. The occasional hurricane and daily thunderstorm brings rainfall which helps in renewing the fresh water supply. Rainfall is the primary method by which water enters the ecosystem of the Everglades.

The Everglades wildlife show + airboat ride will take you on a wildlife adventure where you will be able to learn about the different animal and plant species. Even though you can go for camping or hiking, it is always better to take a tour by an airboat. The airboat tour is allowed in a particular section of the park. This is the reason you need to make sure that you are in fine tune with the Everglade airboat provider before you plan for your trip.

Everglades Tours

The Everglades National park is almost 40 years old. The park operates different kind of airboat for groups, as well as private tours. You can schedule a private boat tour on personal request.

The boat ride is about half an hour long. You will be provided with a guide who will narrate the entire details about the ecosystem. There is no need of any reservation for the tours that departs in every half an hour.

The airboat tour also includes island hopping and sunset tour. However, this is seasonally available. By availing this tour, you will be able to get a glimpse of the alligator holes. If you are lucky enough, you will be able to spot the Purple Gallinule, the brightly colored bird. The tour guide will give you an enlightening account of the ecosystem of Everglades. You have the option to customize the tour according to your interest. In case you want to secluded ride, you can go for private airboat tour that lasts for only a couple of hours.

During the wildlife tour through the Everglades, you will be told about a panther and Seminole co-existing in the wilderness. You will be able to see several endangered species that inhabits this area. Let your spirit soar and feel free as you get to view nature at its best.

The airboat tour comprises of an entrance to the exhibit areas whit iguanas and friendly turtles. The reptile exhibit has caimans, pythons, and crocodiles. Do not forget to get your camera. Next, you should visit the Exotic Wildlife exhibit that features black leopards, timber wolves, and various other exciting mammals. You and your family will be able to feed the wildlife animals under the instructions and guidance of the professional guide.

The Different Aspects of the Everglades Wildlife Show + Airboat Ride Tours

 The tourists can make use of the alternative tours are provided in the wetlands. The boat traverses quietly so that it doesn’t hamper or disturb the wildlife. Take a look at the different tours that include this Everglades wildlife show + airboat ride.

Reptile Exhibit- Here, you can take a walk on the wild side along with an alligator.  The reptile exhibit showcases numerous species which are exotic, as well as native to Florida. Apart from the alligator, you will also come across Mona, the water monitor. The guides will happily describe how these animals survive and live in this wetland. You will be given an opportunity to cradle and hug the alligator. This is surely going to be a lifetime experience for you.

Wildlife Exhibit: A significant aspect of your wildlife adventure will be the wildlife exhibit. Different kinds of animals brought to the park everyday by the Predators Unlimited Organization. Here, tourists enlightened about the endangered species. You can go close to the animals of this wildlife exhibit.

Swamp Yard Island: Your trip will not be complete if you miss out on the Swamp Yard Island. This swamp features potbellied pigs that are capable of eating just about anything. You will find them rutting a hole in the pen or rolling in the mud. There are also some Peaking ducks along with their babies. A majority of these animals have been brought from South Florida in the last few years and is now an invasive species of the wetland.

Touring the Everglades

Availing the Everglades wildlife show airboat ride, will give you the opportunity to enjoy the dolphins and the manatees, too. If you are traveling with your kids, this can turn out to be a great educational tour for them. Adults too can learn about the conservation and preservation efforts.

Everglades is photographer’s and nature lover’s paradise. Your trip to Miami is incomplete without a visit to the Everglades. This is simply a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the best. If you love nature, the Everglades wildlife show airboat ride will not let you down.