Key West Florida Resorts

Key West Florida Resorts

Tips to Find All-Inclusive Key West Florida Resorts

All-inclusive Key West Florida resorts will help you to have a hassle free vacation time. When you arrive at the airport, your aim will be to relax and taking part in some of the best activities. An all-inclusive resort is like a cruise but on the land. When you get an all-inclusive resort, you get all the facilities under one price. Thus, it includes lodging, snacks, meals, on-site activities, and beach chairs.

There are some all-inclusive Key West Florida resorts which roll out an inexpensive buffet. While, there are some that offers offering mediocre food. This is the reason finding a good deal with the all-inclusive resort might prove to be a bit problematic. Here are some tips that help you to choose the best all-inclusive resort for your next vacation to Key West.

Choose the Right Time

You will be able to find out better deals when the schools are all open. The prices are low and there is lesser competition. However, there might be a rise in the price in the peak seasons. Thus, summer time in Key West will be filled with people. If you visit during this time, you will have to pay a higher price. If you go during the off-season you will be able to save a lot of money by availing some discounts. Thanksgiving is a good time to visit Key West as people are busy with parties. Thus, you will have a good time away.

Book Early

You need to book the all-inclusive resort in Key West as soon as you can. Unless you get some deals, booking at the moment might prove to be expensive. It is better to plan the getaway at least 11 months in advance. Thereafter, follow the rate of the resort and pounce at the time they announce a sale. You might be able to avail great deals if you aren’t much selective regarding where you stay. There are some resorts in Key West that offer room inventory to the flexible travelers.

Use Your Saving Ideas

You need to read the fine print on the liquor, extras, transfers, and gratuities. There are some all-inclusive resorts that do not allow you to use the gratuities. However, you can slip some extra money to the bartender. This way you might be able to use the gratuity. Also, some day rent allow you to carry your own alcohol. Thus, you can carry your own alcohol. Make sure that you choose a Key West Florida resorts with good quality service instead of saving some money on the front end.

Get to Know the Activities On Site

The active vacationers are able to get the best deals on the resorts because they plan carefully. The resorts include on-site activities and classes. However, they will charge extra money for the activities. You need to compare the destination and the brand to make sure that you are getting the right deal. If you want free meals then all-inclusive resorts are the best option for you. However, if you are light eater or wine connoisseurs, you should go for the a la carte vacation option.

Check the Size

Keep in mind that big resorts are going to bring in large crowds. If you go during the peak season, the dining room might be full. Moreover, the pool area will also be packed. It will get difficult to find out a beach chair. Thus, tussle with the beach chairs might infuriate you. If you leave them unattended for a while, it might be captured by someone else. This is even more problematic when you choose a small resort. Thus, you need to check the size of the resort before you make a booking.

Before you book the resort, you need to read the reviews to find out about the place. You will come across some testimonials of the previous. This will also tell you about the kind of services they offer. Thus, you need to make your selection wisely. With the help you will be able to choose a better equipped all-inclusive resort in Key West. Keep in mind that not everything will go as planned. Hence, do not sweat on little things and enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

Miami to Key West Road Trip Stops

Miami to Key West Road Trip Stops

Miami to Key West Road Trip Stops: Things to Do

Miami to Key West Road Trip Stops is the best way to enjoy your vacation and have a gala time. Driving the entire Florida Key means you will come across some perfect pit stops. This is the classic American road trip. The entire road trip is filled with scenic beauty. Driving down this amazing highway is a thrilling experience. There are plenty stops and you can make the most of your trip.

John Pennekamp State Park

This is known to be the first underwater park of USA. This opened in the year 1963. In fact, the underwater park’s border has a shorefront which is three miles out into the sea. Thus, you can enjoy a swim in the tranquil and clear water. As a matter of fact, you also have the option to go scuba diving or snorkeling. You will be able to check the crannies and nooks of a Spanish shipwreck. If you do not want to get wet during your underwater ride, you can avail the glass bottom boat.

When you plan for Miami to Key West road trip stops, you will not have the time to enjoy the John Pennekamp State Park completely. Nonetheless, if you stay somewhere, you will be worth the money. This is a stunning park and you will simply love it. If you cannot, you can visit while you are on a separate trip to Miami.

Places To Visit Between Key West And Orlando
Places To Visit Between Key West And Orlando

The Tiki Bar

You should know that this bar has a relaxing environment. However, this is a common stop on your Miami to Key West road trip stops. Here, you can take a break and stretch your legs. The bar offers a famous cocktail known as the Rumrunner Cocktail.   It is potent and refreshing. The story of the cocktail invention is pretty interesting. One night the local bartender had an excess of rum. Thus, he came up with a creative idea to use it. In case you have not tasted it before, taste it on your road trip.

Seven Mile Bridge

The bridge present along the Overseas Highway is used for several advertisements’ backdrop. You will be thrilled to drive across it. Hence, having a convertible car will prove to be beneficial. You can put down the top and allow the wind to whip your hair while your favorite song plays on the stereo system. In fact, you also have the option to walk on the old bridge to the Pigeon Key. Seven Mile Bridge is the longest bridge. You can stop Miami to Key West road trip stops for some photos.

Bahia Honda State Park

This is the home of one of the most pleasant and best beaches in the USA. This is the ideal place to stop for a swim. In fact, you can paddle through the warm water or take a stroll on the sandy beaches. You can take a walk to the Big Pine Key. Here, you will come across the National Key Deer Refuge. You will little deer. You can spot them roaming around the island.

Key West

This is the ultimate destination on your Miami to Key West road trip stops. This is one of Florida’s largest towns. It is about 90 miles away from Florida. This place has a unique blend of America, Cuban, and Latino culture.

You will be spoilt for choices when you consider the things to do in Key West. However, plan your trip to avoid the heavy traffic days. Thus, way you will be able to enjoy the trip to the fullest.

Boat Tours in Miami Bay

Boat Tours in Miami Bay

Boat Tours in Miami Bay Is Fun and Informative

This vacation avail boat tours in Miami bay and dance the night away. The dance cruises are very popular with the DJ playing music suitable for all ages. Additionally, you can also avail boat rides to have an ecstatic view of the city. Sit back calm and explore Miami’s coast, historical attractions, landmarks. You can also have a very thrilling and fun experience with the speedboat sight-seeing tours. With your friends and family, travel along the city’s colorful streets lined with shops, art galleries and architecture. The open-air market and vibrant neighborhoods have made the boat tours and cruises a popular choice.

Boat Tours in Miami Bay
Boat Tours in Miami Bay

Actually, you can choose a morning or afternoon ride and from your seat take in the breathtaking view that the city has to offer. You can learn about the city, about local music, ethnicity and of course, the art deco architecture. With boat tours in Miami Bay, you will get panoramic views of the downtown Miami skyline. It is indeed a great way to see Miami by, the architecture and mansions.

You can additionally, get down at Bayside Marketplace for shopping from the area. However, if you are an adventurous person, you can go different. For example, see the wild Miami and spot wildlife in their most natural habitat. If you are planning for a vacation In Miami, you have a lot to explore. Take a look at the fun things you can do.

Island Queen Cruises

Here’s your chance to take in the downtown skyline. With Port Miami, Fisher Island and Millionaire’s Row, it is rather a posh area. Enjoy a calm day on the water sailing by Star and Hibiscus Island. Furthermore, you will get beverages and light snack during your ride on the cruise.

Besides sight-seeing take party in the beach party on a boat. You will further be provided with sports gears, water mats and etc.

Miami Pirate Duck Tours

It departs daily from the New World Center, in Miami Beach. It is a convenient choice for the tourists. The ride, however, takes you along Ocean’s Drive’s Art Deco District. The district basically consists of over 8000 properties painted beautifully in vibrant hues. The architecture is sure to enthrall you. The asymmetric angles, open balconies, arched windows are attractions of this area.

Coopertown Airboat Tours

It is the main tourist attraction among the other boat rides in Miami Bay.  The service offers daily tours of Everglades National park. It is America’s largest sub-tropical wilderness. It is a habitat for the rare and exotic species like manatee, Florida panther among others. You can also pay a visit to Coopertown Restaurant. It has been attracting tourists with its delicacies like Frog legs, Gator tail, Shrimp dinner, Cole Saw etc.

Miami Aqua Tours

They also allot party boats, for people of all ages. You will additionally get alcoholic beverages, during the 75-8p minute boat ride. With boat tours in Miami Bay, you can also hold weddings, corporate parties, anniversaries over-looking the Miami skyline.

Jetboat Miami

Hire Jetboat Miami for an exciting jet-boat ride along the surface of tropical waters. You can catch all the stunning views in by far the best way possible.  As you will travel past the San Marco Islands and Memorial Island, get ready for a different holiday experience.  The Banana Boat ride in Biscayne Bay is also very popular.  It is the best for your own boat ride adventure in Miami.

You can also go for kayaks and canoe while you are in Miami. Float through the Coconut Grove and have a glance of the marine creatures like dolphins and sea turtles.

Everglades Tours

Everglades Tours

Everglades Tours Is Fun and Different

While visiting Miami try to be a part of the Everglades tours. The place is filled with natural wilderness and wetlands. The exotic wildlife makes it anything but ordinary. If you are a fan of outdoor outings you are sure to fall in love with the charm of Florida Everglades. Everglades is abundant with natural parks suitable for hikers, bicyclers and even for a casual stroll.

Everglades Tours
Everglades Tours

Everglades is a haven for animal lovers especially with a wide range of options like bird watching, biking and taking a tram tour in the animal parks. The other fun activities include fishing, geocaching and other ranger programs. The ranger programs include off-trail hiking which will bring you into contact with the park’s exotic species. While you are planning for the Everglades tours, be a part of the boat tours. You are likely to get a good guide during you tour. The captains take the boats along the mangrove coast.

Additionally, walk along the road from Homestead to Flamingo. It is generally known as a “38 miles of nothing”. The road actually passes through the natural habitat. While you are here, you will explore fire-shaped pinelands, cypress, sloughs and mangroves. Additionally, at the Anhinga Trail Boardwalk, you will see alligators and other wading birds from close range. However, take a quick look at the other interesting things you can be a part of.

Shark Valley

While you are on your Everglades tours, Shark Valley is a must visit. The 15-mile road trip will lead you to a 65ft observation tower. Climb the tower in order to have a panoramic view of the park. You can spot alligators, turtles, snail kites up from this place.

Wilderness Waterway

It is to give you with the most unforgettable view of your life. Head towards west from Shark Valley, and visit the Ten Thousand Islands. It is actually a group of mangrove isles. It is perhaps the best place for canoes, kayaks, powerboats. Furthermore, the mangrove-lined creeks, lagoons, and open bays will provide you with beautiful background for your photos. You can also catch a glimpse of manatees, sea turtles. Bring your fishing net along with you as well.

Cypress National Preserve

Look for wading birds along the roadside canal, hike through the pinelands, and catch Red-Cloaked Woodpeckers, Bluebirds and Brown Nuthatches. Overall, your tour will be different and fun with this ambiance around. If you take a morning ride you may also rest your eyes on barred owl, wild turkey, bobcat and the Florida Panther.

Corkscrew Swamp

It boasts of having 13,000 acres of wetlands, pinelands, and cypress swamp. It is popularly known as the gateway to the western Everglades”. Have a glimpse of wild Florida by hitting this place. The trees in the swamp are the largest stand of old-growth cypress you will ever come across. The trees at the Sunshine State are almost 500 years old.


The best place to catch a glimpse of migratory birds like roseate spoonbills, yellow crowned night herons red-shouldered hawks. Additionally, pay a visit to the Matthews Shell Museum, both a research center and a museum. The museum hosts the finest shell collections on the earth. You can also take a boat ride from Sanibel to Key West.

Apart from these take airboat trips on Coopertown and Sawgrass Park. While you can also plan a ride from Flamingo, it can take your whole day. It will surely provide you with the best Everglades experience. Especially the boat ride through the mangrove swamps is worth paying for.

Everglades Field Trip

Everglades Field Trip

Warnings and Safety Tips for Your Everglades Field Trip

Are you planning an Everglades field trip? There is no other place that is more beautiful than this is U.S. This is the largest subtropical wilderness. Moreover, it has a unique landscape which serves as a habitat for many endangered species. This a world heritage site and is also specially protected. However, this till faces threats of pollution, invasive species, and development.

There are more than hundreds of birds and fishes. If you are an animal enthusiast, your dream will come true once you visit this place. There are different hiking trails, as well as camping areas. However, when you are on your path to discover on your Everglades field trip, you need to consider this following warning.

Everglades Field Trip
Everglades Field Trip


You have to make a list of the activities and campsites that you prefer. This is because you might need a permit for this. Keep in mind that they will not issue the permit over the phone. Moreover, it will be issues the day before the activity. Thus, planning is very necessary when it comes to this.

Wild Animals

You need to be alert regarding the aggressive animals. This includes the panthers, snakes, and crocodiles. Keep in mind that you are in their home and they might feel threatened if you go too near them. This will make them attack you. Mosquitoes are prevalent in the Everglades areas and might cause some disease. Hence, you should carry a mosquito repellant along with you. Moreover, you also have to carry a net to cover the face and net.

Hurricane Season

You should not forget that from May to November, it is hurricane season. As a matter of fact, this is also the rainy season. Humidity here is about 100%. In case you have reserved a guided tour, camping tour, or boat rental and it starts to rain, you might get the money. However, this largely depends on the return policy.

How to Stay Safe in Everglades Boat Ride?

Everglades filed trop is a fun for your entire family to explore. There is not scarcity of creatures to meet or activities to try out. You can explore the mangroves. Moreover, you will also be able to enjoy the thrill of airboat rides. However, when you are in your going for the Everglades boat ride, you need to make sure that everyone in your boat is safe. This way you will be able to have a good time.

Do not Feed the Animals

The animals might look cute. However, keep in mind that these are wild creature. Thus, they might become aggressive if you try feeding them. For the sake of your family and friends, you should avoid feeding the Everglades creatures. The rule is the same for alligators and crocodiles.

Get to Know the Terrain You Want to Explore

No doubt, the Everglades are one the largest national parks of U.S. if you know the way around, you will be able to roam around without any worry. As a matter of fact, you can keep your family and friends from getting lost.

Prepare for an Activity that You Want to Try

Whether you paddle, hike, or bike through the Everglades, you need to dress appropriately. Make sure that you wear hats, clothes, and sunglasses which will protect you from the sun. It is necessary to bring along a compact medical kit for this. Moreover, you should bring enough water so that your family is always hydrated.

Keep an Eye on the Kids

You need to keep a close eye on the kids. This is because supervising is necessary in an area like this. Thus, keep a track of where they are what they are up to all the times.

If you keep the safety measures in mind, you will have an experience that people will talk about for weeks. However, for your Everglades field trip, you need to make the booking early on in order to save some money.

Amusement Parks in Miami

Amusement Parks in Miami

Amusement Parks in Miami to Lift Your Spirits High

Amusement parks in Miami are a major attraction apart from the stunning beaches, the stunning architecture that the city has and of course the beautiful night life. The positive vibes are all around the city. The Art Deco architecture and the waterfront views are beautiful features of the city. Additionally, when you are visiting the city, there are numerous cheap hotels to stay at.

Amusement Parks in Miami
Amusement Parks in Miami

However, the amusements parks are fun and thrilling. They have children’s rides, family rides, enchanted islands, magic shows and what more! If you are planning for a relaxing holiday, far away from work, you are at the right place. Shop, taste the unique delicacies, relax on the beaches and visit the amusement parks in Miami.

Aquatic Center, Miami

While you are looking for relaxation and recreation, do not miss the Aquatic Center. It is situated at 10200 Biscayne Blvd, as you go north of the Miami Shores. The place has two pools. Shipwreck Cove is an activity pool which consists of colorful slides. They can instantly cool you down even in the hottest of days. Splash around and indulge with your family. Moreover, the place also offers swimming lessons suitable for everyone in the family. Shipwreck Cove features six waterslides and interactive playground, water cannons and water spraying gadgets. Also, make sure that you are checking well the hours before hopping in.

Miami Seaquarium

Miami seaquarium is actually a 38 acre oceanarium. It is conveniently located on the island of Virginia Key. It boasts of being one of the oldest oceanariums in the US. There are many fun activities you can be a part of while you are in the place. The place is equally interesting to adults and kids alike. See beautiful African penguins at Penguin Isle. For this interactive hour, plan for an advance reservation. In addition, explore, shake hands, and know more about dolphins. You are to bring your own bathing suits though a wet suit and towel will be provided to use during the experience.

Also, most importantly, when you are around there, partake in the other thrills. For example, pay a visit to The Kite Farm. Rent a paddleboard and paddle to an island, marina stadium or preserve. You can also try out the kite-surfing lessons. The instructors over there are very helpful and amiable. Furthermore, Splash Academy is a great place if you happen to be a water sports lover.

Experience the Floribbean Water

You need to make reservations for A Floribbean Water Experience. Floribbean is famous for offering the finest dinner cruise yacht charters and events. Plan a dinner, or a lunch or a party on a yacht. You can furthermore, also host corporate dinner cruise, or celebrate special occasions, hold a cocktail party. The beverages and the bar service is considerably good in this place. You can however, choose from soda, frozen drinks and specialty wines, among others. Enjoy your happy hours!

K1 Speed

K1 speed brings you the adventurous indoor go-kart racing. The place is just 10miles away from Miami airport. It is an easy access from several destinations like Palm Beach, South Beach or Miami Beach. The indoor karting center can be used by both children and adults. In addition, the truck layouts are thrilling and challenging. K1 is a great place if you are into racing or want to experience it. Go with your family and friends and participate in some serious mind-boggling rides.

Apart from the amusement parks in Miami, grab food and drinks at South Beach. The entire package is to give you the ultimate holiday vibes during your stay.

Orlando Disneyland Tours

Orlando Disneyland Tours

Orlando Disneyland Tours Are All Fun and Frolic

Orlando Disneyland tours are fun and interesting enough to make your vacation worth remembering. Contrary to popular belief, Disneyland is actually not just for kids. Visit Disneyland for a different experience. The place is beautiful with its list of resort hotels, animal parks, and a range of eateries.

The Magic Kingdom Park, for example, offers a range of activities to indulge in. At the Atlantic Dance Park, a large screen plays music videos and it is sure to jazz up your night. Chakranadi is situated in the Anandapur village at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park. The tunes are melodious and exotic as well as tranquil. Chakranadi with its seasonal tunes and festivals is for all ages and interests. Enjoy the tunes of sitar and tablas during Orlando Disneyland tours.

Besides these, there are many pubs, restaurants, theme parks awaiting you in Disneyland. Take a look at some of the fun things that you can be a part of.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Orlando Disneyland tours include a magical sphere known as Disney’s Hollywood Studios. This includes characters and entertainment, several thrilling rides, fine restaurants and pubs. While you are over here you will get to see how movies are made. Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular is here to take you into the world of film-making. See the tutorials of stunts, double roles, stunt actors and go back to the action packed world of Indiana Jones. Additionally, you can meet Darth Vader, Olaf and even the Beauty and the Beast live on stage.

The Sunset Boulevard hosts Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. You can also visit Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith. The latter is a famous steel roller coaster ride. It features Aerosmith members like Tom Hamilton, Brad Whitford among others. Moreover, while you are at Hollywood Studio, pay a visit to Muppets Courtyard and Animation Courtyard.

Electrical Water Pageant

 This show almost takes place on every evening. The place was first opened in 1971. Ever since, it has been a must visit for many tourists. Over here, you will actually see animal figures bordered by lights as they float on barges. Overall, as the show is followed by music, it creates a magical and soothing effect. Make sure to check the schedule and the programs before you visit. The show is moreover, free of any charges.

Shops and Bazaar

In Orlando Disneyland tours, there are a number of shops and marketplace to choose from. For example, the Agrabah Bazaar has beautiful clothes, eateries. You can get goods in your favorite fictional characters, trinkets to take home, colorful toys, as well as art collections. Chapel Hats specializes in sun hats, floppy hats, outdoor hats and other well-designed head gears.

Island Carnivale

Experience a glamorous show of dancers, stilt walkers and musicians with your Orlando Disneyland tours. You will come across this colorful array of fun at fantasy at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Be a part of typical and unique rhythms as the dancers dance to the beats.  Clap, dance, laugh and listen to the musicians play Paraguayan harp while you are in Orlando.

In between hopping from one place to another, taste the finest dishes of Orlando Disneyland Tours. Choose from a range of dining options, beverages and delicious lunch. The menu includes Julienne Steak, Hibachi Chicken and Hibachi Salmon. You can also have a bite of the African cuisine apart from pizza, grilled chicken and many other scented species. You are sure to enjoy an exceptional holiday on the whole.

There are several things to see and enjoy in Disneyland. Therefore, make sure that you have enough time on hand if you visit. Once you enter this amazing amusement park, you may actually end up losing track of time. Moreover, there is actually something for everyone here. Are you a nature lover? There is a park for you. Are you interested in science? There is a place for you. Do you have children? There are several places for children, in fact.

Key West Beaches

Key West Beaches

Key West Beaches and its Beauty

Key West beaches are one of the main attractions of the place. You can have a relaxed, refreshing vacation when you are at Key West. The island is repleted with many public and private beaches. Swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling are very popular activities around this area. Key West has been an ideal place for vacation. Moreover, you can choose from a range of hotels, motels and resorts to stay at. Key West has famous museums, art galleries and historical points of interests.

Key West Beaches
Key West Beaches

Duval Street throbs with life. It is one of the most popular destinations of Key West for the place is filled with bars, aquariums, café, famous pie shops. San Carlos Theater offers a range of entertaining productions throughout the year. Apart from these there are musical concerts and live music that keep the crowd entertained. You can additionally check out Mallory Square, which is famous for shopping among the tourists.

However, the beaches are also a part of the package that makes Key West scenic. Take a look at some of the beautiful beaches you can discover this holiday.

South Beach

It is very conveniently located, just a short walk from the center of the town. It is one of the most popular among the other Key West beaches. The warm water is just perfect for swimmers. You can also use an umbrella and a deck chair to enjoy the wonderful view that the beach offers. You can additionally rent snorkeling gear or kayaks or can just sit back and take a sip from your favorite beverages. The hustle bustle and the numerous air conditioned cafes over-looking the beach are the other attractions of the area.

The view is spectacular and is sure to provide with a splendid backdrop to your photos. Also plenty of restaurants are just a short walk from the café.

Smathers Beach

Brace yourself for a very pristine view that you will find in Smathers Beach. The stretch of pristine white sand and the turquoise water is calming both to your body and mind. It is the largest beach of all the other Key West beaches. You will find volleyball nets, snorkeling gears as well as parasailing stuff there. You can also kayak and sail mini boats that you can rent from the vendors.

Higgs Beach

Higg’s beach is unique and beautiful in its own way. You find an array of tropical plants, white sands, as well as many cultural and historic attractions. Tour the wartime fort and the surrounding Key West garden spot. Moreover, you can stretch out comfortably on the 16 acres of beachfront land. Snorkeling is very rampant over there. While you are there you can also pay a visit to the Southernmost Point.

Tortugas Beach

From snorkeling to camping and seeing birds Tortugas is here to make your holiday fulfilling.  The shallow waters make snorkeling fun for everyone. Look out for corals, starfish, queen conchs and tropical fish abundant here. You can additionally catch a glimpse of the migratory birds over there. You have the chances to spot exotic species like ruby-throated Hummingbird, peregrine falcon and yellow billed cuckoo among others.

During the fall, the variety is ample with a large number of colorful birds filling your sight. Also spend a day at the Fort Jefferson. There are picnic grounds and campgrounds. You can also see the South Coaling Dock Ruins, which will amp up your snorkeling adventure.

Apart from these beaches, there are a couple of restaurants you can check out. Ernest Hemingway museum, planet blue kayak, Key West garden, west Martello tower, Florida Keys eco-diversity center are other major attractions of Key West.

Key West Tour Bus

Key West Tour Bus

Jazz Up Your Vacation with Key West Tour Bus

This vacation, have a different experience with Key West tour bus. Hop on the bus and get to see the best views of the city. Additionally, there are plenty of bus services at your disposal. This ensures that you explore Key West at your own speed and comfort. With these bus services, you can easily get down and visit the market area with its lineup of shops, or at the galleries or restaurants. With some bus services, the availability of tickets is valid throughout the day.

Key West Tour Bus
Key West Tour Bus

Key West tour bus is extremely popular because of many reasons. You can now know Key West with well informative tours and guides. The history of Key West along with its pirate stories, Civil War and other such legends are all awaiting your arrival. You can easily get down at the places of your interest and get up on another bus at your convenience.

In Key West there are a couple of places to pay a visit to. Take a look at some of the attractive and beautiful places that Key West has to offer.

Mallory Square

With Key West tour bus can get down at Mallory Square. Honestly, you will be offered with a whole new set of activities to choose from. For example the sunset celebration, luxurious spas like Sunset Pier, Old Town Trolley, Conch Tour Train and Key West Shipwreck Treasure Museum.

Over here, you are actually about to discover a significant part of Florida’s history. You can explore a whole range of artifacts and especially Spanish fleets of the 1600s and 1700s. Also while you are here, pay a visit to the 65 foot lookout tower. It is famous for offering a splendid view of the whole island.

Key West Aquarium is rich with almost 100 species of fish, turtle, sharks, birds, lobster, tarpon and other such exotic marine life creatures. It also has a Touch Tank, from where you can pick animals.

West Martello Tower

Have the most peaceful holiday experience of your life at West Martello Tower. It is now run by a garden club. You will additionally encounter a small butterfly garden, two gazebos, banyan trees, magnificent orchids, and a small beach. The view is beautiful around this garden giving it a different ambiance all together. You can take colorful pictures of lots of exotic plants and flowers. The place is actually located on the Atlantic Ocean, next to White Street fishing pier.

Bahama Village

It is actually one of the popular breakfast spots of Key West. There are additionally, new dining options surprising the guests with every now and then. The most delicious and famous dishes are perhaps Zula’s Columbian Grace, Santiago’s Bodega. Moreover, if you are hankering after some shopping, the market is full of trinkets and beautiful straw hats.

The place is very cozy with outdoor sitting area provided with AC. The ambiance is very relaxing accompanied with live music. Also, make a point to taste the shrimp salad when you are over there.

The other attractions that Key West will provide are the infamous Schoomer Jolly Rover which is sure to take you back to classic 80s. It is a topsail ship which will give you the most memorable sail of Key West. Have a glimpse of the view around you as the sun plays with its colors. It will be surely one hell of a beautiful experience of your life.

Key West tour bus also shows you a wide range of pubs and bars with live music. After all, there are excellent band players playing music from all around the world here. Moreover, you can take beautiful pictures of Key West’s nightlife with a bus.

Miami Tours and Water Adventures

Miami Tours and Water Adventures

Frolic with Miami Tours and Water Adventures

With Miami tours and water adventures, gear up your holiday spirits. Travel a hitherto unexplored Miami this vacation. Miami is here to offer you with a thrill and laid back holiday experience of your life. You can rest on the white sand, or explore the marine life, sight the exotic wildlife or enjoy the beautiful nightlife. Furthermore, the exquisite pubs and restaurants are also here to cater to the glutton in you.

Miami Tours and Water Adventures
Miami Tours and Water Adventures

The city is rich in history and culture. If you are planning to make Miami your next holiday destination, make sure you see it all. From the oldest buildings, to the art galleries and the several well-preserved museums, you are in for a different vacation.


Diving is a popular sport in Miami. This is actually possible because Miami islands and the mainland are surrounded by Atlantic Ocean, making it an ideal diving spot. Miami also plays host to abundant coral shelves and reefs.  There are now many added artificial reefs and an avid growth of rich sea life. You can also find 45 miles stretched long artificial reefs in the oceanfront of Miami-Dade County.

Additionally, Biscayne National Park Maritime Heritage Trail offers the amazing opportunity to explore remnants of shipwrecks. This, therefore, makes it a popular diving spot for travellers. Make sure that you have enough time on hand. This way, you can explore the region properly.


When you are going for Miami tours and water adventures, go for snorkeling. Moreover, snorkeling is extremely easy and cheap in Miami. Discover the beautiful coral reef, mangrove islands and the myriad marine life. However, make sure your mask has seal around the area of your eyes and nose. Biscayne National Park is a must-visit for all snorkeling lovers. You can also find here offshore snorkeling. Many opt for kayaks at Key Biscayne. Snorkeling is notably famous here because of the splendid underwater creatures that you will see.

Kayaking and Canoeing

The shallow and calm waters are perfect for kayaking and canoeing for the tourists. This is the main reasons why each year more and more tourists are opting for Miami tours and water adventures. Key Biscayne is heaven for water sports. You can start at Crandon Park. Actually the park is very well known for its tennis center, marina as well as golf courses. The park is very picturesque owing to the dunes, mangroves, hammocks. The seagrass beds make the area all the more appealing.

You can also choose Homestead. Sail through the mangrove estuaries and get a beautiful view of the place from water. You might as well spot manatees and dolphins too! Additionally the Sunny Isles Beach is perhaps the best spot to explore the mangrove estuaries situated by the water. The beach is also popular for biking trails. Take your time to explore them all.

Bayfront Park is famous for the amphitheater which hosts diverse musical performances.  Also pay a visit to the recreation parks and other open spaces. It will give you an altogether different world from that of the regular city life.  Famous parks like Martell Park, Legion Park, Bayfront Park are here to give you some relaxing hours amidst all the activities. In fact, the Bayfront Park is the oldest one, offering with picturesque scenery.

Apart from these options, go for sight-seeing the city. Make sure to visit the Art Deco District in Miami, South Beach, and Bayside Marketplace. The marketplace is a huge mall with approximately more than 150 subjects and tourist shops. Moreover, the mall is located along the Miami waterfront giving you a beautiful view of docks and boats.

The Conclusion

These are just some of the most interesting activities that you can do in Miami. It is a good idea to schedule a long trip if you are visiting Miami. After all, the city has so much to offer to everyone. Don’t forget to plan out your itinerary. You don’t want to have any regrets later that you missed out on spots.