Can You See Key West In A Day

Can You See Key West In A Day
Can You See Key West In A Day

Can You See Key West In A Day? Things You Need to Check Out

If you are asking the question can you see Key West in a day then the answer is no. Key West is much more than the beaches. Even though partying on the beaches in the main activity, there are various other things that you can visit. Popular for its sunny and warm weather, Key West should be in your vacation list. Here are some spots that you need to include in your list when you visit Key West.

Can You See Key West In A Day
Can You See Key West In A Day

The Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum

This is one of the top attractions of Florida. It is a Spanish colonial style mansion. This mansion that was built in 1851 and Ernest Hemingway and his wife moved in here in the year 1931. It was bought by Pauline, Ernest Hemingway’s wife’s uncle. The house still has some of the personal belongings of Hemingway. There are some antiques that the couple collected on their many trip to Europe.

Hemingway also bought skins and animal trophies. You will find them scattered in the house. He got them from the hunting expeditions and African safaris. Visit the place where Hemingway wrote such amazing stories and add some thrill to the visit. Moreover, the mansion ios home to several descendants of Hemingway’s cat.

Mallory Square

Mallory Square is on the Key West’s Wall Street. This is an old historic town. Mallory Square is the waterfront plaza that is just opposite the Duval Street. This plaza faces the Gulf of Mexico. It Sunset Celebration is the most well-known things that you can do in Key West.

In case you are wondering what can you see Key West in a day, you should start exploring this great place. Every evening around two hours before the sun start setting, several tourists gather to watch the sunset. As a matter of fact, you will be able to enjoy the exhibition of craft and art and taste the food that the amazing food vendors have to offer. Moreover, you will feel delighted to watch the street performers such as magicians, clowns, local musicians, and jugglers. This tradition started in 1960 and the fun parties take place every day.

Harry S. Truman Little White House

If you are thinking what can you see Key West in a day, you should visit the Harry S. Truman Little White House. This started as the headquarters of the naval station’s command during the Spanish-American war. This place served the same purpose during both the world wars. However, in the 1946, this place becomes the President Harry S. Truman’s White house for winter. The President used the place to unwind and rest, especially during tense situations.

Even though the house is still used by the country’s leaders as a business and retreat venue, it is also museum which is open to public. The official trip log are some interesting documents that you can investigate. Here, you will find details like the date of President Truman’s visit.

Audubon House and Tropical Garden

Audubon House and Tropical Garden was built in the 1840. In fact, it was developed for Captain John Huling Geiger and also his family. Geiger made money in the shipwreck industry. This was flourishing during this time period. In 1958, the government ordered the demolition of the house. However, the Mitchell Wolfson family stepped in and took responsibility of the house. This place now serves as the museum which shows the life of the wealthy Key West families.

If you are visiting Key West for the first time, you need to do some research before you step into this city. Moreover, you also need to plan out beforehand to avoid any hassle.