Bus Miami Everglades National Park

Why Should You Opt for Bus Miami Everglades National Park?

When you think of the planning a trip to Miami, you should not miss out on the Bus Miami Everglades National Park. When you plan on going to the Everglades, thing that comes to your mind is the large mangroves and wild alligators. Moreover, you will also be able to notice shady pine forest, giant snakes, and a wide range of bugs. You will be able to see migratory birds at a large scale. This wetland has more than 1.5 million acres of land. It protects the wildlife. This has been declared as the world heritage site by UNESCO. This is only few hours away from the Miami Beach. You cannot simply miss out on the Miami Everglades National Park. Here are some reasons why you need to visit.

Bus Miami Everglades National Park
Bus Miami Everglades National Park

Crocodiles and Alligators

No doubt that there is nothing more thrilling than seeing these creatures from a close sight. You will be able to look directly in the bright yellow eyes. Even though there are various other animals in the park, the crocodiles and alligators are the main stars of the show. These reptiles belong to the dinosaur royalty. In fact, there is no other place where you will be able to see the crocodiles and alligators surviving together. The park is the kingdom when it comes to these animals. Moreover, you will be able see the creatures strutting across in confidence across the paths. Make sure that you keep distance to maintain your own safety. As a matter of fact, you will be able to check out the restaurants around the park which offers delectable food.

Hikes, Airboat Rides, and Other Activities

When you opt for bus Miami Everglades National Park, you will notice that there are several options for hiking. You can also take part in various other activities. In fact, the most popular hiking trail is the Anhingan Trail. This is half-mile long, park which will give you the opportunity to take pictures of the wildlife. However, you need to pick the hike that will suit your energy level. Do not forget to carry plenty of water, bug repellant, and sun screen.

Apart from hiking, you will also be able to ride kayak and bike. You have the option to camp. You definitely should not miss out on the airboat ride. These are actually flat bottom boats that skim the water surface with the help of the giant aircraft propeller and the engine. The airboats are one of the main attractions of the Everglades. With the help of the airboats, you will be able to check out the key animals and birds.

The Heart and Soul of Florida

The bus Miami Everglades National Park is an important part of South Florida. This is because it has preserved the ecosystem which has dominated the area for a long time. Moreover, it serves as the main organ which purifies the drinking water supply for insulates and the neighborhood region. Even though it is less publicized than the other Miami attractions, it is largely important for the citizens of South Florida. It attracts thousands of tourists every year. The best part about the park is the diverse ecosystem. Here, you will come across different plants which you will not find in some other places.

If you have kids, you can bring them here. You can be sure that they will have a gala time. However, before you visit the Everglades National Park, you need to gather all required information. Moreover, you have to note down the areas that you want to visit. This way the tour will turn out to be even more thrilling.