By | August 8, 2019
Boat Tours in Miami Bay

Boat Tours in Miami Bay Is Fun and Informative

This vacation avail boat tours in Miami bay and dance the night away. The dance cruises are very popular with the DJ playing music suitable for all ages. Additionally, you can also avail boat rides to have an ecstatic view of the city. Sit back calm and explore Miami’s coast, historical attractions, landmarks. You can also have a very thrilling and fun experience with the speedboat sight-seeing tours. With your friends and family, travel along the city’s colorful streets lined with shops, art galleries and architecture. The open-air market and vibrant neighborhoods have made the boat tours and cruises a popular choice.

Boat Tours in Miami Bay

Boat Tours in Miami Bay

Actually, you can choose a morning or afternoon ride and from your seat take in the breathtaking view that the city has to offer. You can learn about the city, about local music, ethnicity and of course, the art deco architecture. With boat tours in Miami Bay, you will get panoramic views of the downtown Miami skyline. It is indeed a great way to see Miami by, the architecture and mansions.

You can additionally, get down at Bayside Marketplace for shopping from the area. However, if you are an adventurous person, you can go different. For example, see the wild Miami and spot wildlife in their most natural habitat. If you are planning for a vacation In Miami, you have a lot to explore. Take a look at the fun things you can do.

Island Queen Cruises

Here’s your chance to take in the downtown skyline. With Port Miami, Fisher Island and Millionaire’s Row, it is rather a posh area. Enjoy a calm day on the water sailing by Star and Hibiscus Island. Furthermore, you will get beverages and light snack during your ride on the cruise.

Besides sight-seeing take party in the beach party on a boat. You will further be provided with sports gears, water mats and etc.

Miami Pirate Duck Tours

It departs daily from the New World Center, in Miami Beach. It is a convenient choice for the tourists. The ride, however, takes you along Ocean’s Drive’s Art Deco District. The district basically consists of over 8000 properties painted beautifully in vibrant hues. The architecture is sure to enthrall you. The asymmetric angles, open balconies, arched windows are attractions of this area.

Coopertown Airboat Tours

It is the main tourist attraction among the other boat rides in Miami Bay.  The service offers daily tours of Everglades National park. It is America’s largest sub-tropical wilderness. It is a habitat for the rare and exotic species like manatee, Florida panther among others. You can also pay a visit to Coopertown Restaurant. It has been attracting tourists with its delicacies like Frog legs, Gator tail, Shrimp dinner, Cole Saw etc.

Miami Aqua Tours

They also allot party boats, for people of all ages. You will additionally get alcoholic beverages, during the 75-8p minute boat ride. With boat tours in Miami Bay, you can also hold weddings, corporate parties, anniversaries over-looking the Miami skyline.

Jetboat Miami

Hire Jetboat Miami for an exciting jet-boat ride along the surface of tropical waters. You can catch all the stunning views in by far the best way possible.  As you will travel past the San Marco Islands and Memorial Island, get ready for a different holiday experience.  The Banana Boat ride in Biscayne Bay is also very popular.  It is the best for your own boat ride adventure in Miami.

You can also go for kayaks and canoe while you are in Miami. Float through the Coconut Grove and have a glance of the marine creatures like dolphins and sea turtles.